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Volume 55, Number 13   November 5, 2007         

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Sanctioning violence
Professor Emeritus of International Relations Marshall Windmiller was featured in an Oct. 25 edition of "Evening Drive Time" on KGO AM, where he discussed the United States sanctions on Iran, the most severe in three decades. "They won’t work the way the president wants them to work. I think they will have an effect in Iran of stimulating nationalism, of hostility to the United States and might have the effect of unifying the country to a greater extent than it has been unified up until now," Windmiller said. "There has been a split there between the more hot-headed militant terrorist types and the youthful general public that wants to find some way to relate to the outside world, and I think the effect of this is very likely to bring those forces closer together."

Arts for art’s sake
In an Oct. 22 Marin Independent Journal editorial, Professor of Secondary Education Mark Phillips stresses the value of arts education in schools. Citing a Harvard study that found no link between arts education and academic testing scores, Phillips said, "Whether a student is studying visual arts, music, theater or dance, he or she will be enriched in ways that have little to do with test scores or skills in math and reading." As for arts education in Marin County, Phillips stated, "The arts are alive and well in Marin County schools, but they need to be placed on firmer footing. Fully recognizing the intrinsic value of arts education and addressing issues of funding and equitability across all schools are important next steps."

Stand-out status
In an Oct. 30 MarketWatch feature, Professor of Management John Sullivan explains why it's important for job seekers to put all relevant experience at the very top of a résumé. "Thirty seconds is the longest a recruiter will initially look at one résumé," he said. "If they find something interesting, you'll get a maximum of three minutes."

Literally gay
When author J.K. Rowling "outed" the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore, the New York Sun interviewed English Lecturer James Boyd about other fictional characters who may be gay. In the Oct. 24 edition, Boyd speculated about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, noting that Watson’s wife is always conveniently "out of town" whenever the two embark on their adventures. Boyd also suggested that Marcie and Peppermint Patty of the Peanuts gang are an item. "Peppermint Patty always looks like she's on her way to a women's music festival," he said.

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