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Volume 51, Number 11   October 27, 2003         

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SFSU was awarded an additional $249,982, in May, $94,464 in June, and $1,560,088 in July.

Frances Wilkerson, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Molecular Basis of Competition for Marine Nitrogen Sources: Implications for Phytoplankton Community Size Structure Dynamics, Carbon Export and Carbon Cycle Model," U.S. Dept. Energy, $249,982.

Ellen Hines, Geography, "Updating National Wetlands Inventory Digital Map Files," U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, $59,264.

Frank Bayliss, Biology, "Beckman Scholars Program '03-'04," Beckman Foundation, $35,200.

Lori Goetz, Special Education, "Minority Institutions/Collaborative AAC Services," U.S. Dept. of Education, $200,000.

Martin S. Linder, Design and Industry, "San Francisco State University TROI Program," Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc., $45,252.

Grace Yoo, Asian American Studies, "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Core Breast Cancer -- Year 2," National Institutes of Health, $74,937.

Rosemary Hurtado, Elementary Education, "Secondary Reading Institute," University of California, Office of the President, $43,400.

Bruce Macher, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Core Administrative -- Year 2," National Institutes of Health, $75,563; "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Core Planning and Evaluation -- Year 2," National Institutes of Health, $42,000; "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Holding Account -- Year 2" National Institutes of Health, $426,066.

Sheldon Axler, College of Science and Engineering, "Long Term Monitoring and Adaptive Management of Riparian Habitat in the Northern Sierra Nevada," USDA Forest Service, Tahoe, $23,000.

Rafael Diaz, Cesar E. Chavez Institute, "M-RISP at San Francisco State University," National Institutes of Health, $297,450.

Clifford Berkman, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Core Prostate Cancer -- Year 2," National Institutes of Health, $101,648.

Charlotte Ferretti, Edelman Institute, "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Core Nursing -- Year 2," National Institutes of Health, $84,418.

Patricia Foschi, Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, "Orthorectification of Airphotos for Spartina Mapping," California Coastal Conservancy, $9,420.

Caran Colvin, Psychology, "SFSU/UCSF CCPP - Core Recruitment -- Year 2," National Institutes of Health, $47,500.

Joseph Romeo, Center for Biomedical Laboratory Science, "Transactivation Potency of Latent HIV-1 Quasispecies," American Federation for AIDS Research, $89,434.

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