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Volume 51, Number 16   December 8, 2003         

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CampusMemo accepts submissions to the Insiders column from members of the campus community. Items must reflect faculty or staff achievements beyond the campus, e.g., papers/lectures given at professional meetings; appointments to boards; books/articles published; performances, exhibits, readings of works off campus; awards and honors, etc. Please submit items no more than six months old. Items are edited for space.

Deadline for submissions to "Insiders" is the 10th of the month preceding publication. Send submissions to: Please include a contact name and extension.

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Janet Egiziano, Marian Wright Edelman Institute, gave a presentation on SFSU's involvement in the University Center at Cañada College and on SFSU's degree completion program in Child and Adolescent Development at the fall conference of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, held Oct. 31. Egiziano also was elected to serve as the SFSU representative on the Cañada College Occupational Programs Advisory Committee for Early Childhood Education/Child Development.

Bill Issel, History, presented the opening address and served as moderator for the Leadership San Francisco program on "The Ten Most Controversial Public Policy Decisions in San Francisco." Issel presented at San Francisco Planning and Urban Research "Brown Bag Lunch Talks" series on the origins of San Francisco's 1957 Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity.

Patricia Foschi, Geography and Human Environmental Studies/Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, co-authored with Arizona State University researchers papers on an automated system for detecting Egeria densa, Brazilian waterweed, in digital imagery: ''Active learning with ensembles for image classification," a paper reported at the August International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Acapulco, Mexico, in August; and "Automated feature extraction and active learning for classifying a spectrally variable subject," presented at the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Conference in May held in Anchorage, Alaska.


Creative Arts
"Paranirvana (self-portrait)," a sculpture by Lewis deSoto, Art, is on display at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art in Staten Island, N.Y., and the Harn Museum of Art in Gainesville, Fla.

Corless Smith, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, published "Why the Western Rode into the Sunset," in the January issue of Paradoxa.

Michelle Wolf, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, Dave Decelle and Sandy Nichols wrote "Body Image, Mass Media, Self Concept" in the book Race/gender/media: Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content and Producers, published by Allyn and Bacon. Wolf and K. Briley wrote "Negotiating Body Image" in The power of media education?: Assessing Programs That Teach Resistance, Resilience and Critical Thinking, published by Hampton Press.

Scott Patterson, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, and A. Kavanaugh wrote "The Impact of Community Computer Networks on Social Capital and Community Involvement" in The Internet in Everyday Life, published by Blackwells Press.

Betsy Blosser, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, presented a workshop on "Designing Educational Television for Children" at the First Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericanoin August in Santiago, Chile. Blosser also gave a presentation on "Designing an M.A. Program in Children's Television" as a consultant to the Department of Communication at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile.

Melissa Camacho, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, G. Barbatsis and L. Jackson presented "Does It Speak to Me?: Visual Aesthetics and the Visual Divide," at the Viscom 17 Visual Communication Conference Sandpoint, held June 18-22 in Idaho. Camacho, G. Barbatsis, and L. Jackson also presented "Homenettoo: Visual Design and the Digital Divide" at the National Communication Association meeting, held November 19-23 in Miami Beach, Fla.


Health and Human Services
Erik Peper and Katherine H. Gibney, Holistic Healing Studies, wrote an article titled "Taking Control: Strategies to Reduce Hot Flashes and Premenstrual Mood Swings," published recently in Biofeedback.

Patrick Tierney, Recreation and Leisure Studies, presented a paper titled "A National Survey of Resort Industry Issues and Trends" at the 2003 Resort and Commercial Recreation Association Conference held Nov. 10 in Bend, Ore.

Vijay Ganji, Consumer and Family Studies, and Mohammad Kafai, Mathematics, published “Sex, Age, Geographical Location, Smoking, and Alcohol Consumption Influence Serum Selenium Concentrations In the USA: Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988-1994,” in the January issue of Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. Ganji's and Kafai’s article “Elevated Serum Selenium Concentrations In Diabetes Mellitus and Non-Diabetes Mellitus Cohorts With Poor Glycemic Control,” appeared in the spring issue of International Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism.


Gust Yep, Speech and Communication Studies/Human Sexuality Studies, published an essay titled “Culture and Stigma in a Bona Fide Group: Boundaries and Context in a ‘Closet’ Support Group For ‘Asian Americans’ Living With HIV Infection,” in Group Communication in Context: Studies of Bona Fide Groups.

Helen Gillotte-Tropp, English Language and Literature, Sheery Suisman, English Language and Literature, and Shannon Pries, English Language and Literature, presented “Literacy Unleashed: An Integrated Approach to Teaching Reading and Writing,” in a colloquium at the 37th TESOL Annual Convention held March 29 in Baltimore.

Masahiko Minami, Foreign Languages and Literatures, published an article titled "The Role of Maternal Input In Facilitating the Development of Children's Personal Narratives," in S.P. Shahov's textbook Advances In Psychology Research, published by Nova Science Publishers.

Toni Mirosevich, Creative Writing, published her story “Family” in the winter issue of Santa Clara Review.


Science and Engineering
Dennis Desjardin, Biology, and D. Hemmes presented “Gasteromycete Diversity in the Hawaiian Islands,” at the Asia-Pacific Mycological Conference held in November in Kunming, China.

Zhigang Chen, Physics and Astronomy, and student H. Martin published "Waveguides and Waveguide Arrays of Incoherent Light in Photorefractive Materials" in the August issue of Optical Materials. Chen and others also published an article titled "Experiments on Partially Coherent Photorefractive Solitons" in a special issue of Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics.

Debra Fischer, Physics and Astronomy, R. Butler and others published "A Sub-Saturn Mass Planet Orbiting HD 3651" in the June issue of The Astrophysical Journal. Fischer and D. Valenti also published "Metallicity of Stars with Extrasolar Planets" in Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets the 2003 conference series volume of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Jeff Greensite, Physics and Astronomy, and S. Olejnik presented “Adventures in Coulomb Gauge” at the International Symposium on Color Confinement and Hadrons in Quantum Chromodynamics held in July in Japan.

Sergei Ovchinnikov, Mathematics, presented “Weak Order Complexes” at the August Ordinal and Symbolic Data Analysis Conference held in California.


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