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President's letter to the campus regarding Katrina

Dear SFSU Students and Colleagues:

Over the last week, as our shock and sorrow have grown in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, all of us, I am sure, have wondered how we could help. San Francisco State University has a role to play in the long relief effort that will be necessary, and I write to let you know what we have done and will do to help those within and far from our community, and to tell you how you can get involved.

We are offering university students whose academic lives were disrupted by Hurricane Katrina a chance to continue with their education, enrolling even without transcripts and paying only in-state fees. For additional details, go to our press release at

For those right here on campus who have ties to the devastated areas, and for any others among us who feel the need, Counseling & Psychological Services is offering extended hours for drop-in conversation and counseling. Detailed information is available at:

Many of you have no doubt already contributed to the relief effort, but for those who have not yet done so, or who wish to give more, a list of humanitarian agencies is available at:
Resources to help victims of Hurricane Katrina

Now, we have an opportunity to offer hands-on assistance. Scores of individuals and families made homeless by the hurricane have arrived in San Francisco. These people have both immediate and long-term needs, from clothing and toiletries to counseling, housing and jobs. As a university that regularly works in its community to address many needs, we have the contacts, expertise, and above all, willing hands and hearts to help. Volunteer opportunities are likely to engage many campus departments and individuals. To coordinate these efforts, we have asked the Urban Institute to be the central point of contact. The Institute will coordinate information about campus projects and volunteer opportunities, keep in touch with relevant City agencies and community service organizations, and help link us smoothly to local relief efforts. Look for information on our special Hurrican Katrina response Web page. Go to to reach it directly or click on "Campus Responds: Hurricane Katrina" on the SFSU home page.

This Friday, September 9, at noon, the Office of Student Programs and Leadership Development (OSPLD) is sponsoring "Katrina Aftermath," an informational event at Malcolm X Plaza. Between 12 -1 p.m., you can learn more about how to join the campus relief efforts, as well as those directed by the Red Cross. I hope that you will attend.

I have said before that this campus is at its best in times of crisis. Hurricane Katrina is surely one. I know that our response will once more show the generosity and humanity that characterize San Francisco State University.

-- Robert A. Corrigan, president



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