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Campus construction update

Aug. 26 , 2010 -- Several construction projects are underway as part of the University’s ongoing program to improve the quality of facilities, increase energy efficiency and ensure seismic safety. Every attempt will be made to diminish the impact of the ongoing projects on campus life and the surrounding community.

A photo of the J. Paul Leonard Library.

J. Paul Leonard Library Renovation, Expansion, and Seismic Upgrade Project

The Library renovation, expansion and seismic upgrade project progressed significantly over the summer. An automated book retrieval system has been installed. Work on the north addition and the renovation of the existing Library building will continue and is scheduled for completion early in spring semester 2012. For more information, see www.sfsu.edu/~build/construct/library08_09new.htm.  For a close look at the new automated book retrieval system, see www.sfsu.edu/~news/2010/summer/14.html


Utilities Extension Project

The University is installing underground utilities to provide electric power, heating, water, gas and telecommunications, as well as relocating a City sanitary sewer and storm drain line. The lines will be installed incrementally to minimize disruption. Construction will take place in the southwest corner of campus: south of the Village, north and south of Humanities, and along portions of Font Boulevard, Tapia Drive and Lake Merced Boulevard. This construction is in preparation for the future building of a Creative Arts Center, part of the SF State campus master plan. See www.sfsumasterplan.org/

Work on the utilities project will begin in fall 2010 and continue until early summer 2011. A map and detailed schedule are available at www.sfsu.edu/~build/construct/utilities.html


Fuel Cell Energy Project

In collaboration with SF State, PG&E will install, operate and maintain a fuel cell complex on the campus, located in the decommissioned steam boiler plant attached to the gym. This pilot project at SF State is one of several that will help utilities learn how fuel cells can generate power for their grids.

The facility will consist of two fuel cell systems: one manufactured by Fuel Cell Energy, which will generate 1400 KW, and the other by Bloom Energy producing 200 KW, for a total of 1.6 megawatts of electrical power. Power generated by the fuel cell systems will be fed to PG&E’s power grid. The waste heat produced by the fuel cell will be captured and used in the campus thermal heating loop, offsetting approximately $300,000 of campus heating cost annually throughout the 10-year life of the project and significantly reducing SF State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Locating the fuel cell complex on the SF State campus will offer a multitude of instructional, collaborative and research opportunities for faculty and students to study and experience the actual application of fuel cell technology. Construction will begin in fall 2010 and is expected to be completed in summer 2011. For more information, see www.sfsu.edu/~build/design/fuelcell.html


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