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Point of View: Student fee increase

August 4, 2003

The state of California's abysmal budget and a $38 billion deficit will impact every San Francisco State University student. Last month California legislators approved a statewide budget that forced the California State University Board of Trustees to cut $345.2 million from its own spending plan the largest budget reductions in its history. As a result trustees enacted a 30 percent tuition increase -- $474 for undergraduates and $522 for graduate students -- for the 2003-04 academic year.

Full-time undergraduate students will pay about $2,544 annually and full-time graduate students will pay about $2,754. Even with the increase, undergraduate fees are still the lowest in the nation when compared with similar public higher education institutions.

Across the SFSU campus students reacted to the tuition increase and how it will impact them.


  Photo of Yukiko Jenkins   Photo of Gregory Slocum-Bey   Photo of Christine Giang  

"As an international student I can only work 20 hours a week so if we don't depend on our parents then how are we going to do it?"

Yukiko Jenkins, 23
an international student from Japan majoring in accounting who lives in San Francisco


"Personally for me it's not a big problem. I'll find the money somehow or another but I know there are some students out there with families they have to take care and they have young children and they don't have access to money as I have with two different jobs."

Gregory Slocum-Bey, 31
a senior double-majoring in liberal studies and black studies who lives in San Francisco



"I get financial aid and that pays for all of my tuition but I still don't like it. School costs a lot already and then there are books and I drive here and I have to pay the toll and gas and parking. It all adds up."

Christine Giang, 21
a senior majoring in microbiology who lives in Novato

  Photo of Yukiko Jenkins   Photo of Aron Goeke   Photo of Maram Eid  

"Not only is it the fee increase but there are also books and other fees so at the beginning of the semester it's very tense. I'm already in the program and it's not like I can stop because I can't afford to pay for school."

Linsay Castel, 26
an international student from Canada majoring in broadcasting and electronic communication arts who lives in San Francisco


"It's hard because I already have to work while I go to school and that definitely affects my study time so I don't want to have to work more in order for me to afford to go to school. I'll have to take out student loans. I wonder if education was the first place the legislators cut."

Aron Goeke, 22
a junior majoring in Japanese who lives in San Francisco


"For parents who live in war-torn countries they don't have enough resources. Now parents will have to work a lot harder to provide that money and even though we have part-time jobs over here it still doesn't cover the increase."

Maram Eid, 26
an international student from the Palestinian Territories majoring in biology who lives in San Francisco


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Last modified August 4, 2003, by the Office of Public Affairs