The mission of the Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University is to promote understanding of the Chinese language and culture through facilitating instruction, both in the classroom and beyond.


The Institute's resolution, "Making Chinese language instruction readily available to anyone who needs or wishes to learn Chinese in Northern California," reflects our vision:
  • To build up the best possible Chinese teaching and learning center for teachers, students, and all professionals, taking the lead in this field in Northern California.
  • To provide a vehicle for cultural understanding between the U.S. and China, utilizing the most effective and up-to-date resources to promote Chinese programs at all levels of education.


SF State and Hanban agreed to establish CISFSU because we affirmed our common interest in and commitment to the values of international language and cultural exchange and educational cooperation, and recognized the benefits which may be realized through collaborative endeavors and the sharing of educational and cultural resources. As a Research and Service Organization at the University, our function is to promote Chinese language and culture and support local Chinese teaching. We agreed to provide programs and services including but not limited to Chinese teaching, Chinese teacher training, Chinese curriculum development, Chinese language and cultural events and learning opportunities for the community, textbook and teaching resource center, and a platform for research on Chinese language and culture.

Members of The Board of Directors

  1. Dr. Leslie E. Wong, President, San Francisco State University
  2. Madam Liu Chuansheng, Chair of University Council, Beijing Normal University
  3. Hanban Representative from Education Office of the Chinese Consulate in SF
  4. Dr. Hao Fanghua, Vice President, Beijing Normal University
  5. Dr. Jose Galvan, AVP/Dean, College of Extended Learning and International Affairs, SF State
  6. Dr. Yenbo Wu, Associate Vice President, International Education, SF State
  7. Dr. Judith Munter, Dean of Graduate College of Education
  8. Dr. Li Weidong, Assistant Dean, College of Chinese Language & Culture, BNU
  9. Ms. Shan Lizhen, Director, Confucius Institute Affairs Office, Beijing Normal University

The Steering Committee

Chair: Dr. Yenbo Wu, Associate Vice President, Division of International Education

Dr. Jose Galvan, AVP/Dean, College of Extended Learning and International Affairs

Dr. Judith Munter, Dean of Graduate College of Education

Dr. David Hemphill, Interim Chair, Department of Equity, Leadership Studies, and Instructional Technologies, Graduate College of Education

Dr. Charles Egan, Professor, Chinese Program, College of Liberal & Creative Arts


Jiaxin Xie, Director (SF State)
Chengnian Wu, Chinese Director, Visiting Scholar from BNU