Bulletin--Global Peace Studies Discipline


College of Humanities
(See Global Peace Studies in the Academic Programs section for information on the minor)

Undergraduate Courses

300 Introduction to Global Peace Studies (3)

Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of peace studies and to the integrative questions which must be answered to achieve a coherent perspective on world peace. Discussion of national and international issues, the environment, philosophy, literature, arts, media, and education. (Also offered as IR 315.)

375 Peace Law and Human Rights in the U.S. (3)

Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent. A survey of the law of peace from the local to the international level; covers international treaties, covenants, statutes of Congress, legislatures, and city councils, criminal indictments, court affidavits, judges opinions, jury instructions, and relevant articles. (Also offered as PHIL 375.)

699 Independent Study (1-3)

Prerequisite: ENG 114 or equivalent. Individual, intensive work under supervision, culminating in a paper or other project. May be repeated for a total of six units of credit.

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