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Global Peace Studies

College of Humanities
Dean: Nancy McDermid

Co-Director: Myron Lunine, Humanities
Co-Director: Mara Keller, Philosophy
LIB 304B

Professor—Anton, Doell, Issel, Kemnitzer, Medcalf, Ratoosh, Shapiro, Syfers, Wilder

Associate Professor—Aviel, Caulfield, D'Agostino, Ovrebo, Trautman

Assistant Professor—Johnson

Lecturers—Bagakis, Epstein, Ginger, Keller, McPhail-Grant

Minor in Global Peace Studies

Program Scope
Global Peace Studies provides the opportunity to study the causes of domestic violence, social strife, and war; to learn about undoing the causes of violence through the non-violent resolution of conflict by means of the United Nations and other organizations, and at all levels of human interaction; to learn skills useful in many occupations.

We live in a dangerous world, fraught with the specter of nuclear and ecological devastation and threatened by the inability of governmental and financial powers to create solutions to the age-old conflicts of peoples and nations.

Global Peace Studies is expanding its program to face the challenges in this post-Cold War period. It is an all-university, interdisciplinary minor that offers students and faculty members at San Francisco State University a unique opportunity to study and explore in depth the problems, issues, challenges, and opportunities associated with the aspiration to prevent war and to make this a just and peaceful world.

Career Outlook
The Minor in Global Peace Studies provides problem-solving skills relevant to students whatever their major course of study. These are the skills for analyzing and redressing the underlying causal roots of violence, including poverty in the midst of plenty, racism, sexism, imperialism, fear, and environmental degradation. These are the skills that empower people to work more effectively to protect human rights and create systems of social justice. Without jobs and justice there can be no peace.

The Global Peace Studies Program works cooperatively with the following institutions in developing internships, sponsoring programs, and conferences; and engaging in other educational projects in pursuit of peace and justice.

The Center for the Covenant, College of Humanites, SFSU

The center was formed to promote awareness, understanding, and use of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which became international law in 1976 and was ratified by the U.S. in 1992.

Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, Berkeley, California

Since 1965 the institute has been providing information on law and history to scholars, activists, and the media; and working for jobs, justice, and peace.

SFSU Urban Institute

The purpose of the center is to develop strategies and practical programs to address critical economic, social, and educational problems in San Francisco and the Bay Area.


Courses for this program are listed in alphabetical sequence (see Global Peace Studies discipline in the Announcement of Courses section).

Core						Units
GPS/IR 315	Introduction to Global Peace 
		Studies				    3
CHS/IR 400	The Nuclear World: Evolution of 
		an Impasse			    3
One course in conflict resolution selected 
from:						  3-4
	IR 432		Model United Nations (4) 
	PSY 547		Social Conflict and 
			Conflict Resolution
	SPCH 531	Conflict Resolution
One course in international law and 
organizations:					  3-4
	GPS/PHIL 375	Peace, Law, and Human 
	IR 334		International Organiza-
			tions and World Order (4)
One course in the philosophies of peace and non-
violence:					    3
	HUM 366		India's Gandhi
	PHIL 435	Human Rights in Global 
	PHIL 502	World Religions
Units chosen on advisement from the following	    7
	ANTH 321	Endangered Cultures
	GPS/PHIL 375	Peace Law and Human 
			Rights in the U.S.*
	HED/URBS 582	Homelessness and Public 
	HIST 428	History of the United 
			States since 1945
	HUM 366		India's Gandhi*
	IR 330		World Law (4)
	IR 334		International Organiza-
			tions and World Order (4)*
	IR 432		Model United Nations (4)*
	NEXA 340	The Nuclear Revolution
	PHIL 435	Human Rights in Global 
	PSY 547		Social Conflict and 
			Conflict Resolution*
	SPCH 442	Vietnam: Rhetoric and 
			Realities (4)
	WOMS 511	Women and Violence
	WOMS 531	Women and International 
	GPS 699		Individual Study (1-3)
	The following electives are available 
	for field study or internship, on advise-
	ment: CHS 695, IR 640 (1-5), 
	PHIL 680 (1-3), WOMS 698 (1-3)
		Program total			22-24
*May be counted only if not taken as a core course.

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