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Campus turns up the heat on smoke-free policy

March 18, 2010 -- University Police will begin enforcing the SF State smoking policy -- which allows smoking only in designated areas -- with $58 fines for each violation. Enforcement begins April 12, 2010.

This map of the SF State campus shows designated smoking areas in four locations: the corner of Lake Merced Blvd. and North State Dr.; State Dr. outside Mary Ward Hall; State Drive outside The Towers; and Font Boulevard. outside the Village at Centennial Square.

A map showing designated smoking areas on campus. Click to enlarge.

The smoke-free campus policy originally went into effect on Aug. 23, 2004. It prohibits smoking on all University-owned and leased property with the exception of designated smoking areas.  In conjunction with the new stronger enforcement, the number of designated smoking areas on campus has been reduced.  Four designated smoking areas remain on campus effective April 12 -- those at Font Boulevard., North State Drive and State Drive that serve the residence hall community.

"We have tried for several years to uphold the policy through educational campaigns and voluntary respect for the health requirements of non-smokers," President Robert A. Corrigan said.  "Despite these efforts, violations of the policy have continued.  It is now time to put penalties in place that can help enforce the policy."

The enforcement of the smoking policy is intended to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke and to encourage smokers to quit. The campus has received complaints about compliance with the 2004 ban.  The stronger measures were developed in response to feedback from the campus community.  Faculty, staff and student with offices and classrooms near some designated smoking areas have complained of smoke, noise and trash at those sites, as well as smoke that travels into classrooms and offices.

Citation collections will be used to fund smoke-free efforts on campus, including awareness campaigns and smoking cessation programs.  Students who fail to pay fines will have a financial hold placed on their accounts, restricting their ability to register for classes.

Visit the health education section of the Student Health Services Web site at http://www.sfsu.edu/~shs/Health_Education/Health_Education.html  for information on smoking-cessation resources.

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