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Multiculturalism and Social Work | San Francisco State University

Who we are


The mission of the School of Social Work at San Francisco State University is to provide an educational environment that will promote and cultivate the knowledge base and practice of multiculturalism in social work.  This web site aims at reaching globally the objectives of this endeavor.  It will serve as a resource archive on studies, writings, and publications in multiculturalism and social work.   Readers can search by using key words or by using subject headings that commonly organize social work curriculum.

In addition to providing a resource base, this website aims at building pedagogical approaches in social work education.  Readers can find syllabi that include diversity content--ranging from content areas to pedagogical approaches.  The website actively seeks syllabi that consider diversity as the organizing theme.

In the near future, the website will include a forum for discussion/dialogue on issues related to multiculturalism and social work.  For example: how do we define success for the welfare reform?  Is there a new definition for the "Haves" and "Have-nots" in this world due to the onset of electronic technology?  Readers can contribute topics for discussion.

This website is a novel approach to participatory education.  We seek your input and your feedback.

Who we are?

The website originated as a professional development project of Dr. Susan Sung, professor, School of Social Work, San Francisco State University.  The website will be maintained by the Institute for Multicutural Research and Social Work Practice, an auxiliary unit of the School of Social Work.

The website will not have materialized without the dedicated support of Julio Feliciano, web specialist, and Denise Harlan and Eileen Mo, graduate social work students.

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