Student Concerns and Complaints

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Student Concerns and Complaints

Unfortunately, things go wrong sometimes. The good news is that, as an SF State student, you can rely on support and resources for getting problems solved.

You're in the correct place for starting that process.

  • Click on "problem solving steps" for advice on how to figure out exactly what to do, based on what has worked for other students such as you.
  • Click on "problem solving pathways" to find out who's the right person to talk to first (and, if necessary, who's next), depending on the kind of problem that you need to solve.

Of course, if you end up not being able to solve your problem informally, there is a formal grievance policy, but that can kick in only after you complete the "problem solving steps."

So, why not get started following those steps now. We at Student Affairs & Enrollment Management are here to help, too, if questions come up. We also want whatever's gone wrong to turn out right for you.

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