Tips to Avoid Writing Procrastination

Tips to Avoid Writing Procrastination Study Skills

Make a writing schedule; create early deadlines

"Chunk" your work: write for shorter periods of time. Break a writing assignment down into steps and do part of one per day. Put the steps on your time management schedule

Give yourself rewards for completing parts of the assignment

Put everything (each word) on paper; don't get stuck composing in your head. Whenever you have an idea for your writing jot it down and put the note with your writing materials.

Do the hard parts first

Work in an environment that is conducive to writing: a quiet library, a bustling cafe; whatever works for you!

Schedule writing times before easy activities (errands, meeting with friends)

Find a writing partner

Write at your best time (early morning, late at night)

Use a kitchen timer: set it for fifteen minutes and try to do one step or part of one step in that time; force yourself to stay put trying to write for those 15 minutes

Show up: sit at your desk or table and plan to write

Use heuristics to warm up for a writing assignment that you are having difficulty getting started:

Listing and/or clustering (ideas, experiences. research topics, etc.)

Free writing - keep writing about one idea in your list or cluster.

DO NOT STOP. Write for 5 minutes

Looping - underline one idea in your writing that you can write more about on a new sheet of paper. Free write on this idea.

Cubing - look at the idea and write about it in the seven different ways. Spend several minutes on each way.

Use these to find a focus for your writing.

The seven ways are: describe, compare, associate, analyze, apply, argue and evaluate.


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