Meet SNFC's Director

J.R. Blair received his Master’s degree in Conservation Biology focusing on mushroom taxonomy in 1999. Since then he has been a full-time lecturer in the Department of Biology at San Francisco State University. Classes he has taught include World of Plants, Ornithology, Nature Study, Animal Diversity, and Human Biology. His first experience at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus was as a student of the Fungi of the Sierra Nevada class in June, 1995. Since then he has been coming to SNFC nearly every year in various capacities including a stint teaching various natural history classes to local children from 1997 to 2000. J.R. also has a background in facility management as the manager of Pigeon Point Lighthouse American Youth Hostel in the late 1980’s and as the operations manager for northern California hostels in the early 1990’s. He continues to be an avid naturalist through active involvement with the Mycological Society of San Francisco, annual participation in Christmas Bird Counts and other birding events, by offering regular workshops in mushroom identification and birdwatching, and by striving to increase his knowledge of all things living and quite a few things not.

“My vision for the Sierra Nevada Field Campus is simple. First of all, I intend to fill some very big shoes. I will make it a priority to maintain the atmosphere of accessible, quality education that is the legacy of my predecessor, Jim Steele. Secondly, I hope to avail the magical experience of the Field Campus to those who cannot afford the classes. I will strive to generate sufficient funding to provide scholarships for students in need of such funding. Thirdly, I will work to further the goal of improving and expanding the educational and research potential of SNFC with additional classroom and laboratory facilities. All three of these objectives require the support of many and I greatly look forward to working with SNFC staff and instructors, the staff and faculty of the College of Science and Engineering and others at SFSU, local authorities and educators, and everyone else who has come to love the Sierra Nevada Field Campus enough to lend a hand.”

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