Sarah Rabkin
Dept. of Environmental Studies
UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz , California , 95064 USA


Writer, editor, and visual artist Sarah Rabkin has a bachelor's degree in biology from Harvard University and a graduate certificate in science communication from UC Santa Cruz. A UCSC instructor in writing and environmental studies for 24 years, Sarah has also led dozens of field workshops around the American West. She loves spending time at and around the Sierra Nevada Field Campus, and sharing her love of field journals with other mountain enthusiasts.

She has published numerous articles as a freelance writer. Her articles, columns, essays,and reviews have appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Yosemite, Places, Writing Nature, and other publications.

She has led outdoor writing and journal-keeping workshops in California, Alaska, Utah, Colorado, and Wisconsin. She has taught at the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, the Yosemite Association, the School for Field Studies, the Central California Writing Project, the Santa Cruz Lyceum, UCSC Extension, Northland College Lifelong Learning, the Watershed Festival of Poetry and the Environment. She also has taught several writing workshops through various school districts and draws upon her experiences as a high school science teacher to promote science and nature writing by students.

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