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Rental Rates

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Suggested standard rates of $1,800 for a 4-hour minimum, pending approval. Each hour or fraction there of is charged at $450 per hour.*

Overtime Charges

Overtime charges are applicable to events which require access to the Student Life Events Center (Annex I) prior to or after posted building hours. Such charges may also apply to events which extend beyond the confirmed reservation time when that extension occurs after posted building hours.

*The rental rate is waived for events sponsored by SF State recognized student organizations. Events being sponsored/co-sponsored by University departments will be reviewed for potential discounted rental rate.

Suggested rates of $100 additional per hour (above the rental rate) for overtime charges, pending approval, prior or after posted building hours.

Access Charges

Access charges are applicable when a client needs to obtain access to the Student Life Events Center (Annex I) prior to or after posted building hours for a purpose such as setting up for an event, cleaning up after an event, having event items delivered or picked up, or similar situations. In these cases, a student staff person will be scheduled so that the client can obtain limited access, but the building will not be open to the public. If the building needs to be open to the public, then Overtime Charges will apply.

Suggested fees will be charged in accordance with the following schedule, pending approval:

Early Access/Late Access – Student Organization Sponsored Event $40
Early Access/Late Access – University Sponsored Event (non-student organization) $40
Early Access/Late Access – Non-University Sponsored Event $40

Building Closed

Special rates may be in effect for non-University events requesting to use the Student Life Events Center (Annex I) on a day when the Student Life Events Center would otherwise be closed, such as some summer weekend days.

The special rate is equivalent to the above overtime charges. The Office of the Dean of Students may not be able to fulfill reservation requests received less than 30 business days prior to the proposed event, if the proposed event date is a day when the Student Life Events Center is scheduled to be closed.

Holiday Scheduling

The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) will accept requests for days when the building is scheduled to be closed due to a holiday. However, such requests may not be able to be fulfilled.

If such an event request is fulfilled, the closed day rate policy will be in effect. In addition, the client will be charged the applicable overtime rate for the time of the event.

Special Services and Charges

The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) has a variety of audio-visual equipment available for use. Requests for equipment must be made at least five business days prior to the event. A client may cancel an equipment order or staffing request up to three business days prior to an event without penalty Equipment orders or staffing requests cancelled with less than three business days notice will be charged to the client’s account at the regular rate, even if the equipment is not used.

Non-University organizations and University academic or administrative departments and organizations will be charged for audio-visual equipment use. Student organizations are not charged for normal usage of equipment. Charges for equipment will be incurred on a per day, per room basis.

Audio-Visual Technicians are required when the Student Life Events Center owned equipment is used. Technicians will also be required when multiple types of technologies are requested, such as microphones, power point, and/or music. Certain types of equipment, such as spotlights and video cameras, require that a Student Life Events Center audio-visual technician be assigned to operate the equipment. There will be a per hour charge for technicians in these situations.

Any audio-visual equipment used in the Student Life Events Center must be provided by the University. Exceptions will only be given for equipment which cannot be provided by the University. Other requests for exceptions may be directed to the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee.

Clients who bring in their own equipment without prior authorization may be charged for the equivalent of the Student Life Events Center (Annex I) equipment.

Event Staffing Rates

Student Event Managers $20.00 per hour per student
(Most events require a minimum of 1 Student Event Manager)
Student Techs $15.00 per hour per student
(Most events require a minimum of 3 Student Techs)
Custodial/University Entities $34.46 per hour
(with a four hour minimum)
Custodial/non-University Entities $47.19 per hour (with a four hour minimum)
Event Security (if applicable) $90.00 an hour per sworn police officer (with a three hour minimum)
$45.00 an hour per Community Service Specialist (with a three hour minimum)
$45.00 an hour per Parking Control Officer (with a three hour minimum)

Reservation Times

Facilities are available for the specified event time. Clients are asked to request any needed set-up or take-down time as part of their reservation. A request from a client to enter a facility before the beginning of the reservation time, or remain in the facility after the reservation time, may be denied.


San Francisco State University requires all organizations that are not sponsored by a recognized University department to procure and maintain in full force during the term of the agreement, a policy of General Liability insurance ( A certificate of insurance evidencing the required coverage should be requested at least 30 days prior to the event and must be filed with the Student Life Events Center Event Planning and Reservations staff and Risk Management at least 10 working days prior to the event. The certificate must name San Francisco State University as an additional insured for claims involving bodily injury or property damage arising from the event. For any non-affiliated university groups or organizations, special event insurance can be purchased to meet this requirement. Rates vary depending on the type of event and number of participants. Failure on the part of the Lessee to maintain the required insurance in no way relieves the Lessee from the financial consequences associated with liability for the event.

Special Security Requirements

Generally, paid security is required at large-scale events or high profile events that may impact the University campus and surrounding community. Examples include events where alcohol is available, events with non-San Francisco State University students in attendance, events occurring during late evening hours, events that have outside vendors present and money is exchanged, and events with a history of large attendance. The Student Life Events Center Event Planning and Reservations staff will work directly with the client and the University Police Department to determine the need for paid security, and the number of officers required, if any. Clients will be asked to participate in an assessment/initial security walk-thru at least 15 days prior to the event.

Should paid security be required, the organization will be billed for the security costs associated with the event. Security fees are outlined on the University Police Department website (

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