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COCKTALES: Honoring Our Stories


CockTales: Honoring Our StoriesWe believe part of the solution in ending sexula violence is creating a space to talk about masculinity. Men can begin to hear other men’s real stories about their journey from recognizing privilege to emotional pain and ultimately finding peace within themselves. In 2009 CockTales made its first debut,so succesful that it made it our annual event, hence, CockTales: Honoring Our Stories was born.

Each section of this zine touches on the topics of masculinity, sexuality, sexual violence and finally healing. We hope these collections of stories will educate you and empower you in your own healing as well as assisting in the healing of the communities where you may come from.


COCKTALES: Honoring Our Stories Zine


If you are a man who is concerned with the issue of sexual violence and would like to be part of The SAFE Place Men's Program or you would like more information contact Ismael de Guzman at 415-338-2208.



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