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Sport Club Overview

A Sport Club is a student organization formed by students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a sport or recreation activity, recognized by the University through the Campus Recreation Department, SICC, and Division of Student Affairs. A Sport Club exists to promote and develop interest in that sport or activity at the University. A Sport Club may be oriented toward competition, teaching, recreation, and/or socialization.

Current SF State Sport Clubs

How Do I Start A New Sport Club?

The Campus Recreation Department welcomes students wishing to create a new Sport Club to contact the Sport Clubs Coordinator, Ryan Fetzer, at to arrange an initial interest meeting.

Registration for new sport clubs only occurs during the "Open Enrollment Period" which takes place during the first 3 weeks of the Spring semester. Students are encouraged to start the recognition process early to ensure that all procedures and requirements are met in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Sport Club Program, Sport Club Council, and San Francisco State University.

It is important to understand that acceptance of a new club into the Sport Club Program is not guaranteed and may not be approved and recognized by the university due to potential issues surrounding liability, risk management concerns, lack of facility space, and/or lack of administrative oversight, etc.

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