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Natatorium Hours


Picture of swimming pool in the gymThe swimming pool is located inside of the Gymnasium (Gym 121) and can be accessed through the men’s and women’s lockers rooms.  The indoor pool is 6 lanes across and twenty-five yards in length with depths of 4’ to 10’.  All patrons of the pool must show valid SF State identification prior to using the facility.  Since towels and shoes are the only personal items allowed on the pool deck, Campus Recreation encourages participants to purchase a locker to store their larger personal belongings.  Click this link to learn more on how to purchase a locker

Open Recreational Swimming Hours (Fall 2017)

Monday - Thursday

12:00 pm – 6 pm


12:00 pm – 3 pm

Natatorium modified Hours from 12/13 - 12/21 :

Dec. 13-15: 7am - 7pm

Dec. 16-17: 12pm - 7pm

Dec. 18-20: 7am - 7pm

Dec. 21: 7am - 4pm

Dec. 21-Jan. 1: CLOSED

Jan. 2-12: 12pm-5pm

Jan. 13-15: CLOSED

Jan. 16-21: 12pm-5pm

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. No running in or around the pool area.
  2. No diving.
  3. Swimmers must have valid SFSU ID card and shower before entering the pool.
  4. The rules and requests made by the lifeguard staff must always be followed.
  5. Socializing with or distracting the pool staff is prohibited.
  6. Emergency procedures must be observed. Swimmers must leave the pool area immediately upon the signal or request of the Lifeguard Staff.
  7. Running, pushing, causing undue disturbance, or any conduct that may endanger the welfare of self or other patrons is prohibited.
  8. Admission to the pool may be denied for any of the following reasons: intoxication; open sores, wounds, skin infections, and nasal or ear discharges; any condition that may jeopardize the health and safety of our program participants.
  9. You must wear proper swim attire. (*Swimsuits required. No street clothes.)
  10. No food or glass bottles allowed on deck or around the pool area.
  11. No bags or personal belongings on deck (leave valuables at home). The SFSU Campus Recreation Department is not responsible for patrons’ lost or stolen property at any time. (*Please use a locker.)
  12. No person within the pool shall behave in such a manner as to jeopardize the safety and health of himself/herself and others, or cause undue disturbances on or about the pool area. Such behavior, including abusive or profane language, shall be grounds for removal.
  13. Spitting, blowing of nose into the pool or onto deck, and improper public displays of affection are all strictly prohibited.
  14. If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the rules, please ask the lifeguard staff.

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