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Safe Zone

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Safe Zone Mission

In the spirit of San Francisco State University’s commitment to social justice and equity, the mission of the Safe Zone is to foster a safe campus environment through building a support network for people of all gender and sexual identities.

The Safe Zone is a voluntary program of trained faculty, staff, and administrators. A person displaying the program symbol has completed a training to develop a greater awareness of issues affecting students of all genders and sexual identities and anyone negatively impacted by heterosexism and homophobia. Those who are trained have agreed to be active, visible, and supportive allies. Any individual seeking help can talk to a Safe Zone person in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.

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Safe Zone Goals

  • To foster a campus environment that is inclusive, respectful, and supports retention and the academic and professional success of all students.
  • To increase visibility of faculty, staff, and administrators who wish to act as active allies to students of all gender and sexual identities.
  • To increase the opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to support a safe and non-discriminatory campus and community environment.
  • To educate members of the University community on the needs and concerns of students of all gender and sexual identities.
  • To provide support, information, and resources to students struggling with issues of prejudice, stigma, homophobia, transphobia, and other discriminatory behaviors based on one’s gender and/or sexual identity.
  • To advance the University’s commitment to social justice and equity and honoring student diversity.

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Safe Zone Allies

Name Department Email Phone
Students 323
Mark Angstman Administration 338-2246 ADM 361
Michael Beatty Administration and Finace 338-1124 ADM 260
Donovan Ramos Advising Center Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning
Dawn-Elissa Fischer Africana Studies 338-1726 EP 410
Ryan Jones Alumni Relations 405-3639 ADM 153
Cordelia Millerwhite Art LCA
Mario Laplante Art 338-7081 FA 258
Richard Mann Art 338-6506 LCA
Ilana CrispiArt LCA
Jonathan LeeAsian American Studies 338-2279EP 124
Brian StuartAssistant Dean of Students 338-2032AVP and Dean of
Mario Flores Associated Students 338-2657 Student Center T-139
Apryl Guisasola Athletics 338-2485
Chris ClemensBECA 405-0922HUM 257
Darleen FranklinBiology 338-2288College of Science and Engineering
Kimmie Richardson-Kubitsky-TsuiBiology 338-2288HH 632
Chris MoffattBiology 338-1631College of Science and Engineering
Joseph ChenBiology 405-3719HH 623
Audrey Parangan-SmithBiology - SF Build 338-2742HH 503
Michelle FrenchBroadcast and Electronic Communication Arts CA 133
Edwin CritchlowBudget Admin and Operations 338-1404ADM 355
Ryan FetzerCampus Recreation 405-0485AVP & Dean of Students
Chanda JensenCampus Recreation 338-2171SSB 105
Kristen McGrawChemistry SCI 200
Scott BoswellCinema 338-6522FA 422
Alexandra PappasClassics 338-1220HUM 529
Janet RemolonaCollege of Business 338-2670BUS 321
Laura ShroderCollege of Business 405-4149BUS 121
Lorenzo GarciaCollege of Business Graduate College of Education
Joy ThompsonCollege of Extended Learning 817-4237College of Extended Learning
Joy O'DonnellCollege of Extended Learning and International Affairs 817-4229College of Extended Learning
Susan CuongCollege of Health and Social Sciences 405-3687HSS 239
Michelle CahillCollege of Health and Social Sciences 405-3740HSS 254
David SmithCollege of Liberal and Creative Arts 338-2161HUM 367
Audrey ChuckCollege of Liberal and Creative Arts 338-7310HUM 224
Jennifer DalyCollege of Liberal and Creative Arts 338-7397CA 256
Nona CaspersCreative Writing 338-1118HUM 563
Katherine KwidCreative Writing 338-1891HUM 380
Christina SabeeDean of Equity Initiatives 338-2032SSB 403
Robert RamirezDean's Office-Science and Engineering 338-1571TH
Wanda Lee Department of Counseling 338-1707 HSS
Alex SanchezDevelopment Office 338-1032ADM 153
Lavette SpencerDisability Programs and Resource Center 338-3452SSB 110
Wendy TobiasDisability Programs and Resource Center 405-4250SSB 110
Alan FiskDisability Programs and Resource Center 405-4137SSB 110
Alexis LarsonDisability Programs and Resource Center 338-3905SSB 110
Andrew BrosnanDowntown Campus 338-7156ADM 227
Kristine OkimuraEarth & Climate Sciences TH 515
Oscar GardeaEducational Opportunity Program 405-3715SSB 201
Jonathan Song Electrical Engineering
Jennifer BeachEnglish Language and Literature 405-2521HUM 584
Jim GilliganEnglish Language and Literature 405-2454HUM 235
Ron RichardsonEnglish Language and Literature 338-3101HUM 417
Robert KohlsEnglish Language and Literature 338-7404LCA
Tara LockhartEnglish Language and Literature 338-1711HUM 466
David GillEnglish Language and Literature 338-1296HUM 229
Emma RemickEnglish Language and Literature 338-3088HUM 234
Jace AllenEnglish Language and Literature 338-2266HUM 492
John HollandEnglish Language and Literature 338-3143HUM 222
Arlene BugayongEnrollment Management 338-1085SSB 201
Renee StephensEnrollment Management 338-2897SSB 201-H
Adrian Garza Enrollment Management SSB 110
Sara LewisEquity Programs and Compliance 338-6053SSB 402
Caitlin SteeleFacilities 405-3868Physical Planning and Development
Russell Kilday-HicksFacilities Services 338-3008Corp 202
Theresa KaneGeography and Environment 338-2049College of Science and Engineering
Nancy WilkinsonGeography and Environment 338-1439HSS 277
Jeff ChunGraduate Business Programs 338-7097BUS 326
Darine VillanuevaGuardian Scholars Program SSB 201
Melanie RamirezGuardian Scholars Program 405-0546Guardian Scholars Program
Ruby TuralbaHealth Education HSS
Rick Nizzardini Health Promotion & Wellness 338-7791SC M-113C
Emily Hops Health Promotion & Wellness 338-7233 Student Center M-113C
Aimee Williams Health Promotion & Wellness 338-3039 Student Center M-113C
Timothy ShawHospitality and Tourism Management 338-3410BH 401
Stacey ZupanHumanities Department 338-3127HUM 336
Katie MurphyInternational Relations 338-2654HUM 282
Scott SiegelInternational Relations 416-8444HUM 331
Paloma Mathern Liberal & Creative Arts 338-7310HUM 224
Elizabeth BonerLiberal and Creative Arts College HSS
Gina CaprariLiberal and Creative Arts College 405-3734FA 301
Susan ShimanoffLiberal and Creative Arts College 338-1471CA 251
Chris MaysLibrary 338-3874LIB 320B
Karla CastilloMary Ward Hall Housing Business Office 338-2208SSB 208
Eric HsuMathematics 405-4092SCI 211
Maritza PulidoMetro College Success Program 338-3034
Ana Luengo PalominoModern Languages and Literature 338-1421LCA
Bryan PangilinanOffice of Corporate and Foundation Relations 405-3833ADM 153
Christopher KingstonOffice of International Programs 338-7081DTC 600
Shimina Harris Office of Student Conduct 338-2032 SSB 403
Emily SmithPaul Longmore Institute on Disability 405-3528HUM 135
Jeff CookstonPsychology 405-2133EP 301
Melissa HaganPsychology 405-3555EP 239
Avi Ben-ZeevPsychology 405-2107EP 327
Nina RobertsRecreation, Parks & Tourism 338-7576HSS 308
Christopher SugarmanRegistrar's Office 338-2784SSB 303
Taryn WongResearch & Sponsored Programs HSS 222
J.C. GonzalezResearch & Sponsored Programs 405-2157HSS 222
David RourkeResidential Life, Director 338-1822TCS G104B
Johana DuarteResidential Life 405-8078TCS
Jayme Brunner Residential Life 405-9378
Jorge Sierra Residential Life 336-5370
Jennifer Viale Romberg-Tiburon Center 338-6063 Tiburon Center Ancillary Support
Cyrus Ginwala School of Music and Dance 405-4109 CA 138
Christine Scudder School of Social Work 405-0942 HSS 217
Melinda Zarrett Student Affairs 405-3799 SSB 402
Gene ChelbergStudent Affairs - AVP 338-2916SSB 403
Luoluo HongStudent Affaris/Enrollment Management VP VP-SAEM
Carol BrewerStudent Health Services 338-2237Student Health Center
Kay Gamo Student Health Services 405-2757 Student Health Center
Linda Meier Student Health Services 338-1619 Student Health Center
Jackie Whang Student Health Services 405-0539 Student Health Center
Allyson Pablo Student Health Services Student Health Center
Mia Gutfreund Student Health Services Student Health Center
Cristal Wallin Students Affairs/ Enrollment Management 405-2226 SSB 403
Laurene Dominguez The Safe Place 338-2208 Student Health Center
Laura Wayth Theater Arts Department LCA
Denise Miyajima Undergraduate Admissions 338-6958 SSB 305
PaHoua Lee Undergraduate Advising Center 338-2101 ADM 211 & HSS 254
Maggie Hilliard Undergraduate Advising Center 405-2453 ADM 211 & HUM 104
Whitney Vallabhaneni Undergraduate Advising Center 338-1006 ADM 211
Jasmin Bomanjee Undergraduate Advising Center 338-2949 ADM 211
Rosalind On Undergraduate Advising Center 338-7021 ADM 211
Mai Choua Xiong Undergraduate Advising Center 338-1018 ADM 211
Vanessa Rodriguez Undergraduate Advising Center 338-6162 ADM 211
Kate Messinger Undergraduate Advising Center 405-4134 ADM 211
Kim Altura Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning 338-1999 ADM 447A
Glendie Domingo-Lipar Undergraduate Education 405-7557 HSS 206
Linda Jo Morton University Property Management 338-7483
Jim Raney University Property Management 405-2220 SVN
Kim Altura Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning 338-1999 ADM 447A
Linda Jo Morton University Property Management 338-7483
Jayme Brunner University Property Management 405-9378
Jim Raney University Property Management 405-2220 SVN
Jorge Sierra University Property Management 336-5370

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Safe Zone Committee Members

Name Department Email Phone
Rick Nizzardini Counseling & Psych Services and Residential Life 405-4415 Mary Ward Hall
Sara Lewis Equity Programs and Compliance 338-6053 SSB 402
Glendie Domingo-Lipar Undergraduate Education 405-7557 HSS 206
Kristen McGraw Chemistry SCI 200
Emily Hops Health Promotion & Wellness 338-7233 Student Center M-113C
Melinda Zarrett Student Affairs 338-2654 SSB 402

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