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Young women benefit from education at sea



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Maritime community hosts scholarship fundraiser

SAN FRANCISCO, October 29, 2004 -- Time was when a young woman went to sea it was either as a captain's wife or in disguise and denial of her gender. Things have changed of course, but the sea itself remains one of the toughest proving grounds on earth for sailors of any gender. This is the guiding principle behind Tall Ship Semester for Girls, a special project of the San Francisco State College of Health and Human Services' Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies.

Founded in 1998 by an SFSU alumna, Tall Ship Semester for Girls' mission is to provide socio-economically and racially diverse groups of high school girls with a hands-on opportunity to learn about their environment, their community and themselves. After half a college semester of land-based studies such as navigation, oceanography and maritime history, the girls take on the physical challenges of running and navigating a traditionally rigged sailing vessel at sea. Upon their return, students intern at a variety of Bay Area maritime or charitable organizations in their communities.

To date, more than 60 young women have sailed the California and Mexican coastlines and the Caribbean as part of the Tall Ship Semester for Girls. But the tuition for each student is roughly $8,000, far beyond what most students can afford.

In its effort to meet all students' financial needs and never turn a student away for lack of funds, the Tall Ship Semester for Girls invites the public to the 6th Annual Tall Ship Semester for Girls Scholarship benefit reception. The event will take place at the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco on November 20, from 6 to 9pm and the fun will include a silent auction, live music and ship shape grub and grog. The $50 admission is 60% tax deductible. For more information visit: or call Nettie Kelly at 415/405-3703.


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