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Dear Colleagues,

The historic election concludes a long and hard fought series of political contests. However, we all recognize that the economic and political circumstances facing our country, our state, and our campus remain daunting. The inadequacies of the state budget have already threatened the cancellation of numerous courses planned for this spring.
At the same time, we brace for yet another budget cut as the potential result of the governor and legislature reopening the 2008-2009 budget in light of the state's revenue shortfall. And finally, no one is predicting that the 2009-2010 budget cycle will be any better for the CSU.

There is simply no question that the quality of our academic program is in serious jeopardy and that we will need sustained and unified advocacy to defend public higher education in our state. There are dedicated faculty, administrators, and staff who are working hard to prevent the further erosion of our state resources and they will need your help in the coming weeks and months. We recognize the frustration that is generated by the seemingly endless call to do more with less, but if we join the budget dialogue insightfully and productively we can, as we did last spring, make a substantial difference.

There are a few things that you can do right now:

         Join the Alliance for the CSU  

         Contribute stories that illustrate the impact of budget cuts on your program and students to Buckley Barrett of the Statewide Academic Senate (bbarett@csusb.edu) and Alice Sunshine of the California Faculty Association (cutshaveconsequences@calfac.org). These stories will be included in a CSU report being sent to the California Legislature.

         Email local newspaper editors in response to their stories on the budget crisis.

         Encourage your students who are feeling the effect of these budget cuts to share their stories with the Alliance, Buckley Barrett, and Alice Sunshine.

We face a difficult political task but with unity and engagement we can win critical victories for public higher education in California.

Shawn Whalen, Chair             Ramon Castellblanch, President
Academic Senate                 CFA, SF State Chapter

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