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Volume 57, Number 22    February 15, 2010          

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Talking Iran
On KQED Forum on Feb. 9, Mahmood Monshipouri, associate professor of international relations, discussed the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution and the recent announcement that Iran would be pursuing its nuclear program. Monshipouri said that Iran could be looking forward to a future without oil, so nuclear energy production makes sense, but also said that it could be destabilizing in the area. "Once Iran gets a nuclear weapon, then I think there will be some kind of unease in the region, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, with those countries beginning to feel insecure," he said.

Predicting politics
A Feb. 4 San Francisco Chronicle article focused on a paper written by Professor Emeritus of Political Science Richard DeLeon that successfully predicted the effects of district elections on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. "Winning is easier and campaigns cheaper, thus encouraging greater numbers of talented candidates," DeLeon said. "Winning is easier and campaigns cheaper, thus encouraging greater numbers of ideologues, extremists, and wackos." 


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