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Volume 56, Number 34    May 4, 2009         

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Buzzing about research
The Great Sunflower Project, a citizen scientist project led by Associate Professor of Biology Gretchen LeBuhn was profiled in an April 24 San Francisco Chronicle article. LeBuhn has sought help from the public to track the health of bee populations. "There is a crisis in bees," LeBuhn said, "but there's been no global survey, no continental survey, no national survey. We realized that we have to pay attention."

Veteran virtuoso
An April 24 article in the San Francisco Chronicle featured Music Instructor William Corbett-Jones. Corbett-Jones has been a fixture on the San Francisco music scene nearly his entire life, and had taught piano at SF State for nearly 40 years. In the article, he detailed his musical studies, including a brief stint in Vienna. "I had almost no money, and the place was freezing," he recalls, "and I was a spoiled Californian, used to sunshine and fresh orange juice. I lasted only three or four months, and as soon as I got back home I realized what a mistake I'd made" in coming back.


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