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Volume 52, Number 33   May 9, 2005         

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SFSU was awarded an additional $222,845 in January, an additional $ $9,352,733 in February, $4,599,704 in March, and $57,537 in the first part of April.

Ramon Castellblanch
, Health Education, "Prescription Drug Policy," Senior Action Network, $8,212.

Frank Bayliss, Biology, "Bridges to the Future - Yr 6," National Institutes of Health, $214,273.

Michael Ritter
, Counseling and Psychological Services, "DUI Prevention Project," San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, $9,990.

Isabel Thuy Pelaud, Ethnic Studies, "Vietnamese Diaspora: Vietnamese American and French Vietnamese Narratives," Rockefeller Fellowship Program, $5,000.

James Murphy, Recreation and Leisure Studies, "Tall Ship Semester for Girls," Tall Ship Education Academy, $2,527.

Karen Grove, Geosciences, "Theodolite/Station Measure 04HQAG0021," U.S. Geological Survey, $77,000.

Susan Alunan, Community Service Learning , "GO SERV (AMERICORPS)," California Service Corps, $301,782.

Newell (Toby) Garfield, Romberg Tiburon Center, "COCMP-NC," Coastal Conservancy, $8,956,434.

Maureen Whalen
, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE --Year 10," National Institutes of Health, $3,573,737.

Rafael Diaz, Human Sexuality Studies, "Latinos MSM Community Involvement Project," University of Illinois, Chicago, $66,966.

Newell (Toby) Garfield, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Integration of Satellite Imagery with Surface Radar," California Dept. of Fish and Game, $123,097.

Edward Lank, Computer Science, "Inferring User Intention in Pen Systems," National Science Foundation $382,750; "Inferring User Intention in Pen Systems -- REU," National Science Foundation $47,250.

Frieda Lee, Student Outreach Services, "Gear Up Project, Outreach -- Year 6," U.S. Dept. of Education, $201,246.

Zhigang Chen, Physics and Astronomy, "Nonlinear Optics Photorefractive Lattices," National Science Foundation, $24,970; "RUI: Controlling Light in Optical Induced Photonic Lattices," National Science Foundation, $166,281.

Adrienne Cool, Physics and Astronomy, "Optical Counterparts for Low-Luminosity X-ray Sources in Omega Centauri," Space Telescope Science Institute, AURA Inc., $13,407.

Ellen Hines
, Geography, "Updating National Wetland Map," U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Services, $48,842.

James Wiley, Public Research Institute, "A2H Hunger in America Study," San Francisco Food Bank, $8,695.

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