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Volume 57, Number 11    October 26, 2009         

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SF State received $4,972,149 in grants and programs in September.

Javier Arsuaga, Mathematics, Topological Characterization of DNA Organization in Bacteriophages, National Science Foundation, $440,024

Frank Bayliss, Biology, Presidential Award for Excellence, National Science Foundation, $10,000

Richard Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center, United States Geological Survey Nutrient Analysis, Romberg Tiburon Center, $3,630

Gerald Eisman and Kim Reisinger, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement/Whirlwind Wheelchair, Technology Access in Resource Limited Environments, $1,047,924

Shirley Girouard, Nursing, Implementation and Evaluation of Health Information Technology in Nursing Education, Department of Health and Human Services, $329,670

Wim Kimmerer, Romberg Tiburon Center, Feeding and food limitation in copepod nauplii, the neglected life stage, National Science Foundation, $1,047,924

Wim Kimmerer, Romberg Tiburon Center, Foodweb support for the Threatened Delta Smelt Supplement, CALFED, $176,798

Lynette Landry, Nursing, Collaborative Model of Nursing Education, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Fund for Health Education at the East Bay Community Foundation, $260,208

Juanita Santana, Head Start/Marian Wright Edelman Institute, Head Start Food Program 09-10, California Department of Education, $769,000

Ravinder Sehgal, Biology, Malaria Erythrocyte Binding-like Genes & Host Specificity in a Natural Population, National Institutes of Health, $160,500

Rita Takahashi, Social Work, Northern Collaborative Stipends, County of Santa Clara, $2,375

Kimberly Tanner, Biology, Building Pathways to Biomedical Research Careers for Girls and Women (ARRA), National Institutes of Health, $183,096

Stephen Ujlaki, Cinema, Effect of Alcohol Placements in Television Programming, National Institutes of Health, Sub-Award from Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, $16,000

Steve Weinstein, Biology, CCSF, Skyline & SFSU Bridges Program, National Institutes of Health, $225,000


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