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Volume 56, Number 3    September 2 , 2008         

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Filling the media void
In an Aug. 27 Newark Star-Ledger article, Professor of Communication Studies Joseph Tuman said online reporters, bloggers and other non-traditional media members have changed the way political conventions are being covered. He noted that the Obama campaign has side-stepped traditional media when distributing its message during the convention. "The whole idea of going to the Broncos stadium on Thursday after the networks have spent a huge amount of money on infrastructure in the convention hall is a slap in their face," Tuman said.

On Russia and Georgia
In a letter to the editor in the International Herald Tribune, Associate Professor of International Relations Andrei P. Tsygankov noted that Georgia's recent military intervention in South Ossetia was not the first time the country has used force to solve a territorial issue. He said the United States hasn't considered the Russian perspective when supporting the Georgians in the situation. "Although the United States never approved Georgia's attack on South Ossetia, Washington continues to arm Saakashvili's militaristic regime," he wrote. "It insists on bringing Georgia into NATO without addressing Russia's concerns. And it seeks to isolate Russia from energy infrastructure in the region."

Atwitter about social media and conventions
In an Aug. 27 article in the Austin American-Statesman, Professor of Communication Studies Joseph Tuman said social media tools are allowing convention attendees to communicate with one another over the din of the event, as well as supplement media coverage of the events. "None of the local news stations are sending anyone," Tuman said. "Satellite time is enormously expensive. The local coverage you're likely to get, if any, will be from people who do something via the Web or broadcast through radio."

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