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Volume 54, Number 5   September 11, 2006         

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Grants & Contracts

SF State was awarded an additional $421,914 in March and $690,628 in April and $5,942,498 in the first part of May.

Zheng Hui He
, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE, Year 11-He," National Institutes of Health, $157,557.

Diana S. Chu, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE - Supplement, Year 11-Chu," National Institutes of Health, $51,266.

Sally Pasion, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE - Supplement, Year 11-Pasion," National Institutes of Health, $185,582.

Nicholas Certo, Special Education, "Peninsula Intern Program 2005-06," Agreement between SFSU and Peninsula Intern Program, San Mateo County Office of Education, $27,509.

Steven Weinstein
, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE - Supplement, Year 11-Weinstein," National Institutes of Health, $251,823.

Carlos Davidson, Environmental Studies, "The Pesticide -- Immune Response," Rose Foundation, $12,900.

Paul Longmore, Institute on Disability, "Henry Betts Award 2005-06," American Assoc. of People with Disabilities, $50,000.

Carlos Davidson, Environmental Studies, "Prism Pesticide Grant," Sierra Nevada Alliance, State Water Resources Control Board, $52,660.

Adrienne Cool, Physics & Astronomy, "NGC 6397 Study," Space Telescope Science Institute, $19,971.

Juanita Santana, Edelman Institute, "Prekindergarten Resource," California Dept. of Education, $4,694.

Rafael Diaz, Cesar Chavez Institute, "HIV Prevention in Latino Communities," Subcontract from AIDS Project Los Angeles, $223,814.

Jane DeWitt, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "MBRS-SCORE - Supplement, Year 11- DeWitt," National Institutes of Health, $51,266.

John Caskey, Geosciences, "Neotectonics of SDVFZ (EDMAP)," U.S. Geological Survey, $9,800.

Frank Bayliss, Biology, "Beckman Scholars Program 2006-07," Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation, $13,700.

Caitlin Ryan
, Ethnic Studies, "Family Acceptance Project Phase II," California Endowment, $803,751.

Leticia Marquez-Magana, Biology, "MBRS-SCORE, Year 11-Admin," National Institutes of Health, $382,461; "MBRS SCORE, Year 11-Master," National Institutes of Health, $4,398,089.

Dennis Desjardin, Biology, "Evolution of Mycenoid Fungi," National Science Foundation, $350,000.

Anabel Pelham, Gerontology, "INTERGERO Program," subcontract with Miami University, $8,197.

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