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Volume 53, Number 16   December 5, 2005         

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Gearing up Gere
Jassen Todorov
, assistant professor of music, spoke to KGO-AM on Nov. 11 about giving Richard Gere violin lessons for the movie "Bee Season." "It was great working with Richard Gere. He was a good student," Todorov said. "He was very musical. He plays piano, guitar and violin. He can't play with a string quartet but can play a few tunes on the violin. In another four or five months he could play with a string quartet." A story on Todorov also appeared in the Nov. 22 edition of the Oakland Tribune.

Pacifica prose
The San Francisco Chronicle profiled Toni Mirosevich, associate professor of creative writing, in its Nov. 11 edition. Mirosevich recently published "Queer Street," a collection of prose, poems and stories inspired by the experiences she and her same-sex partner had moving into and becoming part of a Pacifica neighborhood. "Writing is an attempt to come to grips with things I don't understand," she said. "It's a way I try to meet the world. Otherwise I go into myself with assumptions."

Revisiting Altamont
The Rolling Stones recently returned to the Altamont Speedway for a concert, where in 1969 a Hell's Angels member killed a teen. John Burks, chair of journalism, covered the original event for Rolling Stone magazine. In a Nov. 15 KRON-4 News story, Burks said, "There was a rosy period that didn't last that long after Woodstock where people were sort of floating on air. Everything was 888 for this generation. Rock 'n' roll set us free. This [the killing] made a statement 180 degrees from there -- that we're capable of being just as ugly. That things can turn out to be just as ugly as for anybody else."

Political debate and soldiers
Jerald Combs
, professor of history, discussed the effects that the debate over the Iraq war might have on U.S. troops, in a Nov. 19 Contra Costa Times story. "There is no way to prevent the debate when the war is a war of choice as this one was and when things are going so badly," Combs said. "It absolutely makes things more difficult." He also said: "I have confidence in the American people ... that (unlike) after Vietnam, the vets aren't going to get blamed for what happened there. I think most people know that the troops over there are doing their very best under very painful circumstances."

Pacing the Web
BusinessWeek named SFSU one of its "Web Smart 50" in a Nov. 21 feature on companies, individuals and organizations that are "Pacesetters" in using online technologies. SFSU was recognized for its plan to introduce a suite of online collaboration tools that will "make it easy for the commuter university's 30,000 students to work together on projects virtually."

Mainstream love
The Nov. 28 CBS 5 News featured a story on the movie "Brokeback Mountain," which focuses on two Midwestern men who fall in love in the 1960s. Steve Ujlaki, chair of cinema, suggested that the characters are full-fledged and mainstream. "It's actually treated as a normal love affair and not as a gay love affair in the movie," he said. "That's what I found interesting about it. There was no special pleading."

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