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Volume 51, Number 9   October 13, 2003         

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CampusMemo accepts submissions to the Insiders column from members of the campus community. Items must reflect faculty or staff achievements beyond the campus, e.g., papers/lectures given at professional meetings; appointments to boards; books/articles published; performances, exhibits, readings of works off campus; awards and honors, etc. Please submit items no more than six months old. Items are edited for space.

Deadline for submissions to "Insiders" is the 10th of the month preceding publication. Send submissions to: Please include a contact name and extension.

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Karen Olsen Bruhns, Anthropology, published an article titled "Ecuador's Second Oldest Textile" in Journal of the Textile Museum.

Subin Im, Marketing, has received a research grant of 3 million yen from the Association for Research on Consumer Financial Services, Japan to work on the project, "A Cross-National Comparative Study of Creativity of Consumer Financial Service Product Development: US, Korea, Japan, China, and Mexico."

Sanjit Sengupta, Marketing, participated in a panel discussion, "Marketing Meets Requirements Engineering," at the 11th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, held Sept. 11 in Monterey Bay.

Ronald Purser, Management, contributed a chapter titled "The Future Dimension in Organizational Change Theory" to Time in Management, published by University of Palermo Press.

Creative Arts
Yu-Charn Chen, Design and Industry, presented "An Effective Method in Teaching Electronic Circuit Design at IT High Schools and Colleges" at the 1st International Symposium on Educational Cooperation for Industrial Technology Education, held July 9-10 in Aichi, Japan.

Durkheim is Dead: Sherlock Holmes is Introduced to Sociological Theory and The Portable Postmodernist by Arthur Asa Berger, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, were recently published by AltaMira Press.

Health and Human Services
Erik Peper, Holistic Healing Studies/ Health Education, presented "There Is Life After Five: Preventing RSI At The Computer With Healthy Computing and Breathing Practices," "Computing Increases Respiration Rate," and "The Use of Exhalation to Reduce Pain: Observations from Voluntary Pain Control by a Yogi" at the 10th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology, held Sept. 22-24 in Leuven, Belgium.

Katherine H. Gibney, Holistic Healing Studies/Health Education, and Peper published "Exercise or Play? Medicine of Fun" in Biofeedback.

Adam Burke and Zoe Clayson, Holistic Healing Studies/Health Education, and Yim-Yu Wong, International Business, published "Traditional Medicine in China Today: Implications For Indigenous Health Systems In a Modern World" in the American Journal of Public Health.

"Ghost Points in the Treatment of Chronic Pain: Techniques of Dr. Hu Ling Xiang" by Burke and Jason Satterfield was recently published in the California Journal of Oriental Medicine. Burke and Kathryn Vaughm presented "Outcome Imagery Priming and the Positive Interpretation of Daily Events" at the American Psychological Association's Annual Meeting held in August in Toronto.

Life Is An Adventure by Teresa Campbell, Nursing, was recently published by 1stBook Publishers.

Fred Astren, Jewish Studies, recently gave a lecture on "Between Muslim Triumphalism and Jewish Resistance: Looking for Islamization in the Medieval Middle East" at the Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford University.

Marc Dollinger, Jewish Studies, recently delivered an address titled "'A Proper Blessing?' Jews and the Separation of Church and State" at Bellarmine University.

Ellen Peel, English/Comparative and World Literature, presented "'My Hideous Progeny': Self-Preferentiality and Metaphor in Literature of the Constructed Body" at the meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, held in April at California State University, San Marcos.

Vico's Uncanny Humanism: Reading the New Science between Modern and Postmodern by Sandra Luft, Humanities, was recently published by Cornell University Press.

Toni Mirosevich, Creative Writing, published an essay titled "The Whole Story" in the fall issue of Western Humanities Review.

Science and Engineering
Edward Connor, Biology, M. Andres and others published "The Community-Wide and Guild-Specific Effects of Pubescence on the Folivorous Insects on Manzanitas" in the August issue of Ecological Entomology.

Scott Gronert, Chemistry and Biochemistry, W. Feng and others published "The Lithium Cation Binding Energies of Gaseous Amino Acids" in the January issue of Journal of Physical Chemistry. Gronert, W. Feng and others also published "The Mechanism of C-Terminal Fragmentations in Alkali Metal Ion Complexes of Peptides" in the January issue of The International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

Edward Lank, Computer Science, contributed "A Retargetable Framework for Interactive Diagram Recognition" to the proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition.

Leticia Marquez-Magana, Biology, F. Bergara and others published "CodY is Nutritional Repressor of Flagellar Gene Expression in Bacillus subtilis" in the May issue of Journal of Bacteriology. Marquez-Magana was also named as one of the country's most powerful executives in technology and business by the magazine Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology.

Nilgun Ozer, Engineering, presented "Sol-Gel Deposited Electrochromic Coatings: A Review" at the Annual Conference of the European Ceramic Society, held in July in Turkey.

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, C.S. Tsai and others published "Interactive Behavior of Structures Equipped Combined Seismic Dampers and Unbounded Foundations" in the May issue of International Journal of Advances in Structural Engineering.

Ilmi Yoon, Computer Science, and U. Neumann published "Image-Assisted Visualizations over Networks," in the April issue of the Journal of Electronic Imaging, SPIE. Yoon and others also presented "Web-based Virtual Tour Using the Tour Into the Picture (TIP) Technique" in the proceedings of the Ninth Annual International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, held in September in Florida.

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