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Additional Subject Matter Preparation Program

Recommended for Students Pursuing the Multiple Subject Credential



Students seeking the Multiple Subject Credential must pass the CSET: Multiple Subjects (formerly MSAT) exam. To prepare for the CSET, students are advised to complete the subject matter preparation program, which includes the liberal studies major plus the recommended subject matter courses listed below. By completing this program, you will have studied all of the multiple subject matter areas covered by the CSET exam. The additional subject matter program no longer waives the CSET exam, but serves as a preparation program for the CSET and for elementary school teaching. While we recommend completing the entire program, you may choose only those classes you feel you need to prepare for teaching and the CSET. We also recommend that you take LS 100, which introduces you to the program, and helps you learn how best to use the courses listed below to prepare for the CSET exam.

Students interested in becoming elementary or special education teachers should also attend an information meeting given by the Credential Programs Admission Office. At the meeting, students learn all of credential program admission requirements. Consult or 415-338-7038 for more information. General information about teaching careers may be found at the Teacher Preparation Center in BH 244.

Note that many of the courses listed below fulfill GE and other graduation requirements. You are strongly urged to consult with an advisor on their choices.



Field Experience Course (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
AFRS 650 Teaching the Black Experience
EED 200 SPerspectives on the Social, Cultural, and Historical Foundations of Eduction
ENG 656 Reading Theory and Methods
ENG 696 Student Experience in Schools
HIST/SS 681 Community Service Learning in the Schools

Language & Linguistics (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
ENG 420 Introduction to the Study of Language
COMM 411 Language for Teachers (4)
COMM 508 Children's Communication (4)

Course ID Course Title
MATH 165 Concepts of the Number System for the Elementary Grades And
MATH 565 Concepts of Geometry, Measurement, and Probability

Course ID Course Title
ASTR 115, GEOL 100, METR 100, or OCN 100 Take accompanying lab if possible.
BIOL 100/101 Human Biology OR
BIOL 150 The World of Plants

World History/Culture:
Course ID Course Title
HIST 114 World History to 1500

U.S. History (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
AFRS 304 Black People and the American Experience
ETHS 600/HIST 466 History of U.S. People of Color: Comparative Analysis
HIST 120 History of the U.S. to 1865
HIST 464 American Ethnic and Racial Relations I: 1740-1890
WGS 150 Women in American History and Society

U.S. Government (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
AIS 205 American Indians and U.S. Laws
AAS 205 Asian Americans and Americans Ideals and Institutions
AFRS 376 Government, the Constitution, and Black Citizen
PLSI 200 American Politics
RAZA 276 La Raza, Government, Ideals, and Constitution
WGS 160 Women, Politics, and Citizenship

California History (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
GEOG 552 Geography of California (also covers Geography content area)
HIST 450 History of California

Geography (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
GEOG 101 Physical Environment
GEOG 102 The Human Environment
GEOG 103 Geographic Techniques
GEOG 107 World Regions and Interrelationships
GEOG 552 Geography of California (also covers California History content area)

Human Development (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
AFRS 525 Black Child Development
CFS 320 Children and Families
PSY 330 Child Development
RPT 380 Developmental Play Processes



                           Diverse Perspectives:

Select one course from the list of approved General Education Segment II courses designated as meeting the American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) requirement.

Physical Education
Course ID Course Title
KIN 401 Elementary School Physical Education, K-5

Visual and Performing Arts (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
ART 450 Art for Children
DANC 340 Creative Dance in Black Subject Development
MUS 601 Music for Children
THA 451 Storytelling and Folk Literature

Health (choose one):
Course ID Course Title
AAS 575 Asian American Community Health Issues
CFS 355 Nutrition for Wellness
ETHS 125 Introduction to Health in American Ethnic Communities
HED 310 Health in Society
HED 630 Elementary School Health
HED 660 Developing Healthy Youth in Schools and Communities
RAZA 210 Latino Health Care Perspectives

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