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Stay in School Family Resource Center (SISFRC)


The Stay-In-School Family Resource Center (SISFRC) was launched in 1998 to support student parents in their efforts to balance school, children, and work by offering a one-stop center with computers, referrals, and a family children area. The goal of the SISFRC is to promote access to higher education for single parents, allowing them to obtain college degrees that will prepare them for jobs that pay well above minimum wage positions. SISFRC is located in HSS 120.



While all SF State student-parents can utilize the Center, SISFRC was originally created so low-income student-parents transitioning from CalWORKs to financial independence could develop employment opportunities through higher education. We offer the following:

•  Peer counseling and mentoring

•  A computer lab and basic computer assistance

•  Internship and job referrals

•  Referrals to affordable childcare and children's programs

•  Workshops such as Time, Money, or Stress Management, Parenting Skills, and more

•  Scholarship information, and access to financial aid and early registration


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