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Working with Students

Once your organization is approved and listed in our ULink49 database, students can contact you to arrange an informational interview. Please respond to them as quickly as possible so they can begin work and log their hours. The service position must provide hands-on experience for the student. An experience where the student watches others work is an observation, not an academic experience. Be realistic about how much time students will be able to work. Most students are only available during the three-month semester schedule, so you must plan accordingly



When students meet with you, please:


1) Give them a clear job/project description outlining tasks, responsibilities, expectations, and required skills.

2) Be selective. Be aware that some students may not match your needs.

3) Make sure the site supervisor is a professional staff member who has the appropriate expertise, time, and desire to be the CSL student's project manager or supervisor.

4) Give the student an orientation about your organization, its location, mission and culture, the clients it serves, and go over what their specific assignments will be. Be sure to discuss key issues facing your organization. Introduce students to your staff, provide a tour of the facility, discuss emergency policies, accident procedures, and the organization's rules and regulations. You can use the Orientation checklist in the right-hand column as a guide.

5) Offer training sessions during the early part of the semester and request students to work an average of 3–5 hours each week over a 10-week period.

6) Allow a member of the University faculty or staff to visit the work site to meet with the student and site supervisor if it is arranged in advance.

7) Meet with and offer feedback to the student on a regular basis (advise, mentor, coach, guide, train, teach, and share professional knowledge with the student).

8) Complete formal written evaluations of the student's on-site work/projects that may be required by the University. Students are required to complete a form that documents their activities and hours of service. Please have the student's supervisor review and sign-off on that form.


Have fun learning and creating positive change together!

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