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The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) has earned a national reputation for community service learning, leadership development, and civic engagement. Our mission is to bring faculty and students together with city and county agencies, nonprofit service providers, policy makers, other educational institutions, and neighborhood residents to address the most critical social justice issues of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Increasing student learning while helping to co-create positive changes in our communities is at the heart of partnering with ICCE and SF State.


Non Profit Fa

Benefits of Partnering with ICCE

Future staff: Energetic students help you provide direct services. Students often choose to work as professional staff where they performed service. If you hire them after graduation, they are already trained.


Future volunteers or donors: Students can promote your cause to their networks of friends, family, and other students. CSL students may become your biggest boosters! Recruit student volunteers at our Nonprofit Fair each semester.


Nonprofit & Government Fair Statistics: AY 2013-2014

This free event gives our community partners a chance to table, recruit volunteers, and inform our campus community about the services and volunteer opportunities they offer. In-kind contributions: You can list student services as an in-kind contribution in grant proposals.


For Academic Year 13-14, number of students who attended the fair was 2,595.




2014 Community Partner Recognition Award - AHC & ArtEsteem:

The Community Service Learning (CSL) Program, a unit within the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE), recognizes and honors one community partner each year for contributing to the institutionalization of community service learning (CSL) at SF State.


Attitudinal Healing Connection logoThe CSL program is proud to announce Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) and ArtEsteem from Oakland, CA as this year’s recipient of the Community Partner Recognition Award. For close to 20 years the AHC/ArtEsteem art and literacy program has helped develop creative, engaged and successful children/youth through building knowledge and emotional, social, academic and intellectual skills.


The program has reached 50,000+ youth and adults, and provided programs to approximately 57 schools in Oakland and the larger East Bay. Most recently, AHC/ArtEsteem, through the Oakland Upper Heroes Mural Project (OSH), unveiled the 2nd mural of West Oakland/Emeryville’s largest mural revitalization and beautification efforts. This project will engage over 200 youth to be agents of change in their communities; created over 80 jobs, enhance the neighborhood, and reduce blight. 80 jobs, enhance the neighborhood, and reduce blight.


Staff at this organization have been an inspiration and unwavering supporter of the SF State Community Arts Design Studio (CARD) since its beginnings. Their inspiration on community empowerment, has inspired and fills SF State students with passion and drive.


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Impact of CSL on Community  Agencies

In 2003 and again in 2011, the CSL program conducted an outside assessment of the impact SF State students had on community-based organizations.  A majority of survey respondents indicated that student volunteers significantly improved the quantity and quality of services their organizations offered, and were culturally competent, well prepared to volunteer, and able to provide high‐quality work.


Image/Link to download PDF document: Designation Policy Summary of the 2011 Report


We are eager to work with you in developing high-quality projects that meet the needs of your organization, the clients you serve, and the learning goals of our students.


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How to Become an Approved CSL Site


CSL at SF State During 2013-2014 Academic Year

7 - Colleges

52 - Departments

388 - Faculty (47% Prof., 93% Assoc. Prof., 27% Asst. Prof. & 78% Lecturers)

484 - CSL Course Sections

8,413 -Students Enrolled in CSL Courses

229,941 -Students CSL Hours (Estimate - 58hrs Average per Student)

459,882 - Clients Served (Estimate)


$2.3 Million - Value of Services to San Francisco Bay Area communities at the City of SF 2010 minimum wage of $9.92 per hour.



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