Industrial Assessment Center { A US Department of Energy Initiative}

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Sample Recommendations



Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs)


Electrical ECOs:

  1. Replace T12 Fluorescent with T8 High Efficiency Fluorescent Lighting
  2. Replace MH 400 lamps with high efficiency MH 360 lamps
  3. Install lighting occupancy sensors
  4. Install daylight sensors
  5. Install bi-level lighting controllers
  6. Install premium efficiency motors
  7. Change of Electrical rate schedules
  8. Replace CRT monitors with LCD monitors
  9. Replace the electrical boiler with natural gas boiler


Mechanical ECOs:

  1. Repair air leaks
  2. Repair steam leaks
  3. Tune the boiler
  4. Install an economizer on the boiler
  5. Install variable speed drives
  6. Reduce compressed air pressure
  7. Insulate hot surfaces
  8. Use blowers instead of compressed air
  9. Install Floating Head Control on Ammonia Compressor

Waste Minimization Opportunities (WMOs)

  1. Compact the general waste
  2. Bale and recycle the cardboard for revenue
  3. Install Wood scrap chipper
  4. Separate paper from general waste bin to reduce the cost
  5. Recycle pallets



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