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Amanda White Crane

2013-2014 University Scholarship Winner

"I'm honored to receive the Franam Endowed University Scholarship and the Vincent Costantino University Scholarship. The financial assistance will assist me in realizing a long time dream of pursuing higher education. As a proud member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation I see education as a way to overcome obstacles effecting Native American communities in the U.S. I am proud to be attending an institution that values minorities and the social justice issues that affect our everyday lives."

"I am a returning transfer student who after 8 years of absence decided to continue my education in order to better the lives of my children. I know that by my example they will have an added respect for education and I hope they will have more opportunities because of my hard work at San Francisco State University. I plan to graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology. I am honored to be a part of the Career Opportunities in Research (COR) funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. I also have been accepted into the Psychology Honors cohort this upcoming year. I plan to focus my research on mental health stigma and its effect on Native American communities seeking mental health services."

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