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Kim Ngoc Nguyen

2013-2014 University Scholarship Winner

"I will be a second year Ethnic Studies graduate student this fall semester. I decided to go back to school after working for AmeriCorps first as a radio coordinator at International Children Assistance Network, a Vietnamese nonprofit, and then as a volunteer coordinator at Napa County Office of Education....Growing up as a second generation Vietnamese American was hard at times because of the language and cultural differences I experience at home and at school. My parents came from Vietnam with nothing and worked their way up so I know about the difficulties immigrant families encounter financially and culturally...."

"....I would like to work in the nonprofit field assisting immigrant communities in the near future and doing more advocacy work. In the future I see myself moving on to international work like the Peace Corps and working for a non-governmental organization (NGO) abroad. The University Scholarship will help me with my goal of finishing my master's degree in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University which will help me advance in the professional world where I can make a difference."

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