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Liza Thomas

2013-2014 Osher Reentry Scholarship Winner

"I am delighted to be a recipient of the Osher Reentry scholarship. As an older than average student, receiving help from my parents for tuition costs is not an option and since I do have a full time job I was also unable to qualify for financial aid. This means it has been entirely up to me to finance the costs of tuition and books. Up until this point I have managed to work full time while attending school, however as I enter into my last year it is necessary for me to only work part time in order to take the classes I need and graduate on time. Receiving this scholarship has lifted a huge amount of the financial burden. I will not need to worry about money and working more to pay tuition and can instead focus my energy on studying. As any student knows, time is precious and the more time you are able to focus on your studies, the more successful you will be."

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