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Colton Martin

2013-2014 Bengier University Scholarship Winner

"....When I started off in college, I did not have a direction of what I wanted to do with my education or life. Luckily I took an introduction to astronomy class at my community college, and taking this class allowed me to know what I wanted to do. The next semester I decided to give physics a shot and I fell in love with the science almost immediately. Since then I have been going through college to learn more about physics."

"Since attending San Francisco State University I have had the opportunity to work in the Thin Film Lab with Dr. Neuhauser and learn the process of how microchips are made as well as how she uses them in her research. I have also had the pleasure of being a part of the Physics and Astronomy Club (PAC) which helps me fuel my desire to learn more. PAC is one of the most helpful tools an aspiring physicist can have at SFSU....This first year at SFSU has been an amazing experience and continues to fuel my interest in physics. I now know that after I graduate from SFSU that I hope to go on to receive a Masters in Physics."

"I am honored to be able to receive a scholarship that will help me on my way to learning more about what I love by helping me pay for my last year at San Francisco State University."

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