Office of Student Financial Aid

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The Office of Student Financial Aid recognizes that there are times when a student feels that she or he has been treated inappropriately by a supervisor or another employee. Students should be reminded at the time of hire that student employment is"at will", meaning that the student is hired and can be released at the will of the employer. However, student employees should expect reasonable treatment from their employer and fellow employees. Students should be provided with clear job expectations, specific suggestions to improve performance and time to improve prior to dismissal.

The first recommendation is always to attempt to resolve the difficulty at the level of employee and supervisor. At the student's request, the Associate Dirctor may contact the next level of supervision or other persons identified in the student's concerns.

For the student who is still dissatisfied with the outcome, he/she can submit a written grievance to the Dean of Students. The grievance must outline all steps that have been taken to this point.

To avoid grievances, OFSA recommends that employers work closely with students to monitor their performance so that dissatisfaction on the part of the employer or student can be addressed immediately.

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