Office of Student Financial Aid

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The Office of Financial Aid will communicate with you through "Student Center" on Gateway and email. Be sure to check both, regularly.

How to Access your Financial Aid Status On Gateway

to see your latest financial aid information at SF State, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Watch a short video to learn more about How to Use Gateway.

Net Price Calculator

Estimate your prospective financial aid eligibility at SF State. The Net Price Calculator is not an official offer of financial aid nor an application for financial aid, but rather a tool for estimating your eligibility.

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Fall 2017 / 2018 Financial Aid Awards

Our Office has been notified students of their financial aid award via their SF State email. Once awarded, you may log into your Student Center, view your financial aid, and accept your awards.

Financial Aid Deferment and July 24, 2017 Tuition and Fee Payment Deadline

Fall 2017 financial aid fee deferments will be posted by mid July

Ensure your application is complete by checking the following:

  • Check that we have received your application by logging onto your student center and seeing "2017-2018 FAFSA Received" in the holds and alerts section
  • Check your e-mail account to see if we have sent you an email regarding items on your Student Center to-do list. All financial aid related to-do list items must be submitted to our office before we can give you an award. Please make sure you turn in all necessary documents as soon as possible.
    • Already submitted documents? Please allow 4 weeks for our office to review them. Remember, all to do list items must be submitted before we can offer an award. Pending items will that will delay your awarding process.
    • Continue to check your student center and email, as we may be prompted to assign additional follow up documents, which we will post on your student center.

    Still haven't submitted a FAFSA or CA Dream App yet?
    Students who have missed the March 2 priority deadline are still highly encouraged to apply for financial aid. Please apply as soon as possible!


    Summer 2017 Financial Aid

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    There are several types of financial aid available for students interested in enrolling in summer courses:

    • State University Grant (SUG): Students who were awarded with SUG during the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 semesters could be eligible for SUG in Summer 2017.
      Note: Students who received a Cal Grant may be eligible for a Summer SUG, if their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is 5300 or below.

    • Federal Loans: Students who did NOT accept the maximum amount of loans during the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 semesters will be reoffered their remaining loan eligibility.

    • Federal Pell Grant: Students who did NOT receive the maximum amount of Pell during the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 semesters will be reoffered their remaining Pell eligibility.

    • Parent and Grad PLUS loans: If you would like to pursue a PLUS loan in the summer, please contact our PLUS coordinator, Khushboo Shah at

      To be awarded with Summer aid, you must

      • Have eligibility for at least one of the three aid types listed above
      • Be registered in at least 6 units (undergraduate students) or 4 units (graduate students) during the Summer priority registration.
        Students do not get awarded until after they have reported their summer units using the "Report Summer Units" link on their 2017 Financial Aid Award page, located in their Student Center.
    • Financial Aid Deferment and Disbursement

      • Deferment:
        All students who had financial aid during the Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 semesters received a Summer 2017 financial aid deferment to prevent getting classes dropped during the first payment deadline (April 11). To retain your deferment, you must have accepted summer financial aid before the second payment deadline (May 30) to retain your classes. If you were only offered a loan and do not accept it by May 30 or pay for your tuition by May 30, you will get dropped from your classes.

      • Disbursement:
        All disbursements occur two weeks after the start of each session. State University Grant and Accepted Loans will disburse once we validate that you have maintained at least a 6 unit enrollment. For example, if you are taking one class (3 units) in the first session, and another class (3 units) in the second, your loan will disburse during the second session.
      • If your financial aid does not cover full tuition costs, you must pay the remaining balance by July 21st at 4pm.

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