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SF State Pre-Doctoral Honorable Mention and Scholar


Courtney Leung,

Sexuality Studies graduate student (Pre-Doctoral Scholar, 2011-2012)

Psychology undergraduate, (Honorable Mention, 2010-2011)

Image: Courtney Leung, SF STATE PRE-DOCTORAL Honorable Mention Image 2: Courtney Leung SF STATE PRE-DOCTORAL Honorable Mention

Courtney Leung is an MA candidate in the Human Sexuality Studies program at SF State, and Lead Research Assistant at RISE (Research on Inequality, Sexuality, and Education). Her research focus is the cultural framing of female sexuality in the U.S. and its impact on sexual violence prevention. In 2012 she participated in a summer research internship at U.C. Santa Cruz on the authoritarian personality and its relation to homophobia, racism, and sexism.  She plans to apply to Ph.D. programs in social psychology or personality psychology.  Courtney values higher education for the opportunities it has afforded her to explore and develop a fuller understanding of the social and natural worlds.  She is a docent with the California Academy of Sciences specializing in geology and environmental sustainability, and a volunteer with SF State’s Sexual Abuse Free Environment (SAFE) Place and the Men Can Stop Violence program. In her free time, Courtney enjoys tending to her vegetable garden and designing terrariums using succulents and “air” plants (Tillandsia).



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