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American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) Student Summer Fellowship

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Program Purpose

For nearly 75 years AIER has sponsored education independent of any political agenda, special economic interest, or government influence. Summer program is designed to challenge beliefs of future economic educators. Summer Fellows are encouraged to think critically about their research and the world around them, rather than be indoctrinated to a "correct view of the economic world."

Program Description and Applicant Profile

A four-week program is available to graduating seniors from around the world who will pursue a Ph.D. in economics or a related field – including economic history, public policy, or political science – as well as current graduate students enrolled in such programs for no longer than two years. Also eligible are students entering law school, especially those with a demonstrated interest in property rights or law and economics. Master's students in economics may be considered. Program seeks applicants considering a future that involves economic education, policymaking, lawmaking, or research.


While in residence, the approximately 15 Student Fellows receive room and board, plus a $1,200 stipend. Travel expenses are not covered. Upon successful program completion, Fellows are invited to apply for in-absentia fellowships – which have averaged $2,500-5,000 per student – for following year's tuition in a graduate program in economics or related field. Participants may reapply as Returning Fellows and attend AIER's prestigious annual conference. Exceptional articles may be published in AIER's publications. The Institute is on 100 pristine acres in scenic Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. NYC and Boston are within 3 hours' drive time.


Graduating senior or 1st or 2nd year graduate student in economics or related field, as well as entering law school students. Master's students in economics may be considered.


Any nationality.


Usually mid-March.

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