The Disability Programs and Resource Center

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Welcome to the Disability Programs and Resource Center

Students with mobility, hearing, visual, communication, psychological, systemic (HIV/AIDS, environmental illness, etc.), and learning disabilities are encouraged to attend SFSU. The Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) is available to promote and provide equal access to the classroom and to campus-related activities. Students are provided assistance in coordinating a full range of support services in order that they may define and achieve personal autonomy at SFSU. The DPRC also provides eligible students with help understanding and managing DPRC services,campus-wide access, attitudinal barriers, other campus resources, and disability civil rights. For more specific services, please use the links below.

Students have protection under Section 504 and the ADA and may file a complaint about University faculty, staff, administrators, or disability-related issues following the Student Complaint/Grievance Procedures.

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