The Disability Programs and Resource Center

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The Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC)

Voice/TTY: 415/338-2472
Fax: 415/338-1041

Graphical version of DPRC Organization Chart

Text version of DPRC Organization chart


DPRC Leadership Team

Name Title Phone Email
Nicole Bohn, M.A. Director, DPRC 415/405-3583
Geoff Brown (on leave) Assistant Director 415/338-2377
Alan Fisk Program Manager, Employee Accommodations 415/405-4137
Avi Chandiramani Program Manager, ATI & IT Consultant 415/338-6436
Mary Walsh Lead Interpreter 415/338-7178
Susan Lai Administrative Analyst 415/338-6148
Rita Walsh-Wilson Administrative & Budget Analyst 415/338-3459



Kenny Adams Disability Specialist 415/338-2453
Vacant Administrative Support Coordinator, Employee Accommodations 415/338-3905  
Deidre Defreese Senior Student Services Specialist 415/405-4250
Daniel Fontaine Accessible Media Coordinator 415/ 338-6435
Theresa Jue Disability Specialist, Temporary 415/338-7878
Bill Grubaugh Disability Access Compliance Analyst 415/405-4132
Todd Higgins Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Services Specialist
& Outreach Coordinator
415/338-2522 (TTY)
Hannah Kanzell Staff Interpreter
Wiebke Mueller Web Accessibility Consultant 415/405-3971
Lavette Spencer Retention Specialist 415/338-3452
Erin Elgersma Academic Accommodations Coordinator 415/338-7179
Christina Valero Administrative Analyst/Accessible Technology Commons 415/405-0333
Lolita White Staff Interpreter 415/405-4135
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