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Image: Photos of the SF State campus and students using a headset, a braille keyboard and a blind cane

PDF Tutorials and Resources

Here are some just in time resources to help you in remediating your PDF documents. These guides can be printed out to be used as a quick reference.

PDF Video Tutorials hosted by CSU Professional Development

PDF Document Checklist

PDF Document Top Traits

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Adobe PDF Print Tutorial is written for Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional users, but most steps are compatible with version 8 as well. Differences between versions are noted when applicable. Topics covered include: How to prepare native documents in Word, PowerPoint or any other application so that they are accessible before converting them into PDF; The three steps to complete before a PDF is accessible which include reviewing, correcting, and performing a final review of your PDF; Advanced topics on working with scanned documents and PDF forms; An overview of alternate formats and their importance and a list of related resources.

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PDF Video Tutorials from the Chancelor's office

The Chancellor’s Office has produced new video training tutorials in support of the ATI. The tutorials were written and presented by PDF training expert, Monica Range, an online instructor at Sacramento State University. The purpose of this training is to introduce a central online location for obtaining resources needed to create accessible PDF documents. These resources are provided in a variety of formats to reach the greatest possible audience. Guides, Video Tutorials, Tools, Resources, & Best Practices

This training is presented in 3 formats:

  1. Illustrated Training with Video Tutorials: Guidelines and self-contained video demonstrations.
  2. Video Tutorials: More than 30 separate video tutorials walk you through the entire PDF training. The videos follow the same outline as the Illustrated Training, but the text and illustrations are omitted. It is useful for larger audiences and individual training.
  3. Printable PDF Training Document: This comprehensive training guide is useful for developing face-to-face training at your campus. The document can also be used as a handout or reference for training needs.
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