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Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Why Your Support Matters – A Mutually Beneficial Partnership          

students listening to teacherYour support helps make possible a community of learning where creativity is fostered by an inspiring faculty, where nationally recognized innovation is not restricted by decreased state funding, and where our diverse students prepare for lives and professions committed to civic engagement and social responsibility.


San Francisco State University is true to its founding principle of “educating all who wish to learn, regardless of background.”


There are a variety of ways to know the satisfaction of helping SF State remain strong.  The University depends increasingly on private gifts and grants as state support declines.


In fact, nearly 50% of our students receive financial assistance to help them with tuition and other fees that have increased more than 120% since 2002. Indeed, SF State helps our numerous first generation students learn to position themselves for success. 


About 80% of SF State grads remain in the Bay Area to live and work, and the University is among the City’s largest employers producing an estimated $1 billion economic impact annually.   SF State helps ensure the region remains vital in the face of rapid change by preparing a highly skilled and adaptable workforce.


In addition to growing regular support from individuals, companies increasingly seek to partner with SF State – nearly 30,000 students strong – to enhance recruitment, for applied research and for many other benefits. Foundations continue to deepen their long-time commitment to SF State’s distinctive juxtaposition of creative learning and applied research – often groundbreaking work that is shaped by the community and inspired by the vision of our foundation partners.  


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