College of Science and Engineering (COSE)

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The mission of the College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University is to provide an encouraging environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving ability of its students so that they may become honorable, contributing, and forward-thinking members of the science and engineering community of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond; to foster a conducive environment for scholarly and creative activities so that new knowledge or solutions to problems are discovered or created; and to provide science education to all students in the University so that they may be equipped to succeed in the modern world.




The San Francisco Bay Area is a world center for science and technology. It needs large numbers of well-educated scientists and engineers. The College is committed to serving this need by recruiting talented students, providing them with high-quality and up-to-date curricula, and fostering an effective teaching/learning environment. The College will be a leading provider of first-rate scientists and engineers in the Bay Area.


The College is committed to offering students an academic experience of "thinking, learning, and doing." The best way to provide this experience is through involving students in research and the solution of real world problems. Thus, teaching and research are mutually supportive and one cannot excel without the other. The College encourages the faculty to carry on research which involves students and which serves the science and engineering community. The College will be competitive in science and engineering research and teaching at the national level.


The College is committed to full participation in the community through service. This service applies the knowledge and experience of its faculty, staff and students to the solution of problems facing the University, industry, government, or civic organizations. The College will expand its already strong cooperative relationship with various local and national organizations, especially in areas related to K-12 science and math education.


The College is committed to serve a student population that reflects the diversity of the region and includes many international students. The College supports a number of programs designed to encourage and support all students to pursue careers in science and engineering. The College will support and retain a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students, both domestic and international.






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