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Do you need help with career planning? Do you ask yourself...
  • What might be the most effective career choice for me?
  • How do I research careers in science, computers, mathematics, and engineering?
  • How do I find a job?
  • Are internships useful for future jobs?


Janelle Metz is the person to see!

Janelle Metz, MS, MA, works specifically with the students in the College of Science and Engineering. She has an extensive background in counseling and coaching individuals and groups of all ages to make career decisions based on values, skills, and interests. She holds a graduate degree in Counseling, focus on School and Career, from California State University, Sacramento.


Visit Janelle at these locations:
  • Student Resource Center (SCI 247)
    Monday 2PM- 4PM
  • Career Center, Student Services Building, Room 206
    Tuesday 10AM-1PM 

Drop in for quick answer or quick resume critique. Or make an appointment for longer discussion. Contact Janelle Metz at 338-2531, or the SRC at 405-3955.


Janelle Metz will help you:
  • Assess your interests, skills and values so you can focus on the most effective career choice for you.
  • Research careers in science and engineering using videos and the Internet. She will help you answer questions such as:
    • What do I do with my major?
    • What is the future in this industry?
  • Develop Job Search Strategies. You'll learn about:
    • Networking and informational interviewing
    • Revving up your resume
    • Acing that interview
    • Conducting a professional job search
    • Negotiating your salary
  • Learn about internships
    • How important are they?
    • How do I find one?
    • How do I succeed at an internship?







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