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Procurement Card


Click here for the University Procurement Card policy and other pertinent information.


The Procurement Card (P-Card) is designed “to provide a simplified method for end-users to procure small dollar purchases of authorized commodities and services by using a specialized credit card. It should be your primary means to obtain approved supplies costing $2,500 or less per transaction (including tax and shipping.)”   


At the time you are approved for a P-Card, you will be given training in how to use it and how to access and reconcile your P-Card account. We strongly suggest you review the SF State Procurement Card Handbook. The P-Card is a handy way to make purchases, however there is monthly review and reconciliation required. 


If you are a new faculty and have received start-up funds, and a P-Card to facilitate the use of those funds, you will need to get another, separate P-card for your grants/contracts. 


After you have received your P-card and designated which grant will be your default account, all charges will automatically be linked to that default project. If you want charges to be allocated to a project other than the default, you must identify that project at the time you reconcile your P-Card account. 


You are able to make purchases for any general sort of supply using the P-Card, however, these expenditures will be reviewed for allowability and allocability just as any other purchase would be using your grant funds.


While the handbook does use the word “services”as an allowable type of expense, note that you should not use the P-card to purchase the services of an individual person. To pay an individual for services rendered, see section regarding employment vs contracting and consulting services.


You cannot use your P-Card to pay for travel expenses.


If you have questions regarding the use of your P-Card, or need help reconciling your P-Card account, feel free to call us.


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